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Electric In Floor Heating Toronto – Radiant In Floor Heating

Warm Up Your Floors

Electric and Radiant In floor Heating in Toronto

Cold, uncomfortable floors are a problem that many homeowners have to deal with — but it is an issue that can easily be solved with some simple DIY underfloor heating. Toronto’s Heavenly Heat is pleased to provide our customers with an effective and affordable solution to underfloor heating that will instantly improve the heat distribution and comfort level of your household, while ensuring an easy installation process that makes it perfect for do–it–yourself enthusiasts.

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Finest Radiant Floor Heating in Toronto

For homeowners plagued with cold, uncomfortable floors in their homes, Heavenly Heat may have just the perfect solution — EasyMat and EasyHeat, two of the finest radiant floor heating systems in Toronto. Cold floors are a common issue that plagues homeowners, especially during the long Canadian winter. Rooms without a floor heating system will often have cold floors, despite their supposed warm room temperature — this is due to heat’s natural tendency to rise, causing heat to escape the floor and gather by the ceiling. While this problem can be somewhat resolved by increasing the temperature within a room, this is an ineffective and inefficient way to tackle the problem. By increasing the temperature in a room in order to compensate for the cold floors, this can result in an uncomfortably hot room as well as inflated heating bills.

Here at Heavenly Heat, we feel that our EasyMat and EasyWire radiant floor heating systems are a far better solution. Heavenly Heat’s radiant floor heating systems are able to simultaneously warm the floor of any room in which they are installed in, while also warming the entire atmosphere of the space — all while minimizing the energy needed to produce the heat. Due to the large space in which radiant floor heating systems cover, they are able to heat up the entire space all at once and evenly distribute the heat, instead of being restricted to a single portion of the room like conventional heaters. The system utilizes the tendency for warm air to rise through generating the heat on the surface of the floor — this allows the floor to be warm while also allowing the heat to rise up and heat the room’s atmosphere. This improved distribution results in a room that is evenly and comfortably heated without the need for constant monitoring or additional heating, as well as reduced energy consumption for the entire household.

The installation of EasyMat and EasyWire also has additional benefits over conventional heating solutions. By using a radiant heating solution, the room remains humid and comfortable due to a lack of a single source that is blasting hot air in into the room. Additionally, the lack of an external source of heat means that the hot air is not pushed around the room — thereby reducing the movement of home allergens such as dust and pollen.

Here at Heavenly Heat, our goal is to provide quality, affordable solutions to everyday heating problems. With our EasyMat and EasyWire systems, we hope to eliminate the problem of cold floors in our customer’s homes once and for all. For the best radiant floor heating systems in Toronto, look no further than Heavenly Heat — let us reinvigorate the atmosphere of your home and make cold, frigid floors a thing of the past.

Radiant Floor Heating: Electric vs. Hydronic Systems

Radiant Floor Heating Solutions

With all the research you have done there is a lot of talk about two different kinds of radiant in floor heating Toronto: electric and hydronic. You might know a little about each one, but have you considered the benefits, and drawbacks, of each enough so that you know exactly which one you want to install when the time comes? Here are the pros and cons to each kind of system so you can figure out exactly which one is right for you.

Pros of an Electric Heating System

Electric radiant heating works with a series of electric cables or mats built into the floor that conduct electricity. Due to the fact that it does not use hot water this kind of system can be efficiently integrated into a home currently used forced air heating. This kind of system works incredibly well if you are looking to heat small, individual spaces like a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Another benefit to this kind of system is that it is easily installed, and is ideal for remodeling projects that are not overhauling an entire house at once. The labour costs are minimal, and after it is installed you can set the heat to run on a time so that your home is not heating rooms at times you are not going to be using them. This also works to keep the temperature minimal until you are home and want it to be a bit warmer.

Cons of an Electric Heating System

Unfortunately there are a few downsides to using this kind of radiant floor heating. The biggest one is that this system uses a large amount of hydro due to the fact that it is electric heating, so it results in large utility bills. Further it is difficult to install in large spaces, or throughout an entire home. As mentioned it is ideal for small spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms, so if you are looking to renovate your entire home this might not be the right option for you.Finally this kind of system is not designed to be a primary source of heat, but rather an additional comfort item for your home. With that in mind it would not be recommended to outfit your entire home with this heating source, but you could place it in rooms you notice you would like a little extra comfort during the winter months.

Pros of Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat

Another way to fuel radiant floor heating technology is by using hot water, instead of electricity. In this kind of system hot water is pumped through tubes, which are laid under the flooring and are used to provide heat. One of the biggest pros to this kind of system is that it is incredibly efficient and keeps your home at a consistent, comfortable and even temperature, year round. This kind of system is recommended for installation in homes that currently use hot water as a primary source of heat because it can be easily diverted into the floor instead of having to do more installations. Another benefit to this kind of system, along with consistent temperatures, is that once your home reaches your desired temperature it takes very little energy to maintain it making it incredibly efficient. Further there are no visible ducts in your home, and you will experience energy savings on your utility bills.

Cons of Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

The biggest drawback to this kind of system is that the labour and installation costs are significantly higher than electric systems. While you can install an electric system in a small room yourself it is not recommended to install hyrdronic systems yourself, but rather have professionals set it up. The scale of these systems is also a large draw back. If you are not prepared to install it throughout your entire house you might experience difficulties. This system is much more complex than its electric counterpart and is not really designed to be installed on a small scale.Finally this system is not designed for homeowners who like to change the temperature of their home at various times of the day. This kind of heating is designed for consistent heat, so if you prefer to have your house colder while you are at work and warmer when you get home it may not be the best option for you.There are pros and cons to both types of heating and it doesn’t mean one is better than the other, but it might mean one is much more suited to you and your lifestyle based on the needs of your home and potentially your budget. By carefully considering the advantages and drawbacks to each one you will be able to determine which is right for you.

DIY Under Floor Heating

DIY Underfloor HeatingCold, uncomfortable floors are a problem that many homeowners have to deal with — but it is an issue that can easily be solved with some simple DIY underfloor heating. Toronto’s Heavenly Heat is pleased to provide our customers with an effective and affordable solution to underfloor heating that will instantly improve the heat distribution and comfort level of your household, while ensuring an easy installation process that makes it perfect for do–it–yourself enthusiasts.

If you’ve ever walked into a warm room with a cold floor, you know exactly how uncomfortable and uninviting that is. If you’re wondering why this happens, and what could be done to fix it — then you’ve come to the right place.

Cold floors are a simple result of uneven and inefficient heat distribution in a room. This problem can occur in any indoor environment, regardless of type — residential or commercial properties, basements or bedrooms. Due to the natural tendency for heat to rise, a room without a floor heating system will allow the hot air to escape from the floor to the ceiling, thereby creating a situation where a warm room will still have cold uncomfortable floors. In order to rectify this problem, one could attempt to increase the temperature in the room, but it would likely make the room too warm for comfort before there is enough heat retained on the floor to make it comfortable; this would also increase one’s heating bill by a substantial amount. There is a better way — Heavenly Heat’s DIY underfloor heating system will ensure the heat is distributed and shared equally, increasing the comfort and atmosphere of any space.

Heavenly Heat’s two DIY underfloor heating systems, the EasyMat and EasyWire, offer quick and easy solutions to this issue. Both products allow the floor of your home to retain heat by generating the heat from underneath the surface — making for even temperature distribution between the floor and the rest of the room. The process counters the nature tendency for heat to rise by retaining and spreading the heat evenly through the floor, quickly transforming a room from cold and uninviting to warm and pleasant by evenly redistributing the heat in the atmosphere.

Here at Heavenly Heat, we are committed to providing easy, effective and affordable solutions to heating problems. We use Amplify Logistics – freight broker in Toronto for our shipping and delivery services so our clients can enjoy underfloor heating with ease and comfort of of their homes.  Improve the state of your property today with the help of EasyWire and EasyMat—and get rid of cold floors once and for all.

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Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

It’s energy-efficient

Electric Heated FloorsBoth electric and water-based underfloor heating systems are designed to provide consistent and efficient warmth in the room. The water-based systems are designed with pipes that run hot water to create heat whereas the electric system has wiring that generates the required warmth. On the other hand, radiators need to be heated at high temperatures in order to heat up the room.

A radiator will need to run at a temperature of about 149-167 degrees Celsius in order to heat a room whereas a radiant floor heating system can be run at a temperature of about 29 degrees Celsius or less to keep a room warm. This means that traditional radiators consume a lot more energy, so your energy bills are likely to be higher when you install them in your home.

Easy to run with no maintenance demands

Most underfloor heating systems come with up to 30 years guarantee. This gives you total peace of mind that the system will run efficiently with virtually no maintenance needed. All you must do is set the thermostat to provide heating at your preferred times and switch it off whenever it’s not needed. You are least likely to spend extra money on repairs and replacements over the years.

Design freedom

Radiators can take up space in your home and steal the beauty of your interior design especially if they must be fitted on the walls. Underfloor heating doesn’t have to take up any room on your floor or walls. This means you get to work with more space and enjoy design freedom if you choose to go with heated floors. You can decorate the walls any way you like to make a statement. No need to plan around radiators that take up your wall space.

Freedom to choose any floor covering you want

With radiant floor heating, you can design your home exactly the way you wish. You don’t have to choose from a floor covering since radiant floor heating systems can be used in virtually any floor type you ant. From popular options like tile and carpet to wood, laminate, and stone, your options are endless. Underfloor heating enables you to make the best use of your wall and floor space.

Safety and comfort

Unlike radiators, underfloor heating doesn’t get too hot to touch since it’s nicely tucked away from the surfaces. It’s a recommended heating solution in homes with younger children and pets. It’s also a more comfortable solution for improved air quality since the heating systems don’t deprive the atmosphere of the required oxygen. Radiators, on the other hand, cause thermal circulation which involves air rising to the ceiling then back moving the dust in circles and contributing to a range of health issues.