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Walking on driveways that are snow and ice covered is a common reality for Canadians living in regions with snowy conditions. Ice and snow buildups on driveways are a common nuisance that results in salting and shoveling. If left untreated, the ice and snow buildup can lead to problems such as immense delays with cars stuck in the driveway and accidents when people slip and fall. In some conditions, snow can turn into ice and mix up with salt. That will lead to a combination of ice, snow, and salt. This is very hard to get rid of as it can lead to hours of digging and hacking. Snow blowers also find it hard to remove heavy snow buildup. All these challenges that come with snow buildups cause property owners to find a permanent and reliable solution. The problem is that most of the available solutions are temporary since they only treat the snow that has already built up. The good news is that Heavenly Heat has a permanent solution that will effectively prevent snow from ever building up on your outdoor space.

At Heavenly Heat, we work hard to provide you with a permanent relief from snow buildup on the driveway even in the harshest winter season. Our solution is the installation of the driveway heating Calgary. The driveway heating system enables you to take a proactive approach to prevent and remove snow buildup on your property. It eliminates the snow long before the buildup starts. It will quickly eliminate the snow that falls on your outdoor space so as to prevent accumulation. Because this system melts the snow at the core, you never have to deal with constant salting and shoveling. The system will effectively reduce the workload and free up time that is needed to do other things. What is even better is the fact that the system will prolong the life of your surfaces by preventing frost and ice damage which results from snow buildup. You will notice a significant reduction in driveway repairs because there will be no snow buildup wearing down your foundation.

Thanks to our years in the business and positive reviews from customers, we believe that Heavenly Heat’s driveway heating Calgary is the best and the most cost-effective option when dealing with the constant problem of snow removal. Contact us today for a solution that will free you up from the winter worries. Our solutions will help get rid of the snow buildup problem on your driveway permanently.

Affordable Solution for Your Clean and Safe Driveway

When it comes to keeping the snow and ice buildup off your outdoor space, we have the best solution for driveway heating. At Heavenly Heat, we understand that in many parts of Canada, harsh winter conditions make it a nightmare for most property owners as they try to remove snow from their property. This is why we offer the best solution for eliminating the issue before it starts with our innovative driveway heating system.

  • Fast and easy to install heating
  • Cost and energy efficient solution for your property
  • Fast and Easy to Install Heating System

  • Cost and Energy Efficient Solution for Your Property


How Does Heated Driveway System Work?

If you live in an area that experiences extreme winter weather, you will find yourself spending a lot of time shoveling the driveway every day during winter. Having to shovel the snow more than 3 times in one day can leave you begging for an alternative solution.

Even when you don’t live in areas that experience the worst winter weather, if you are dealing with limited mobility or living in a neighborhood that has kids that don’t want to earn additional cash clearing the snow for other people, then the installation of the heated driveway system will be the best solution. Driveway heating Calgary will help you endure the whole winter without having to fire up the snow-blower, use a shovel or use salting. You should note that replacing the drives ensures that you get a good installation of the heating system.

Driveway Heating System Installation

Homeowners install driveway heating systems for two major reasons. The first is to enable them to prevent slipping and falling during the snow season. The second reason is so as to prevent the frustration of their cars being stuck under a pile of snow on the driveway.

The installation of driveway heating Calgary is very straightforward. It is, however, very important that you work with an experienced contractor; preferably a licensed electrician. This is because proper installation is the secret to a great performance from a driveway heating system. When preparing for the installation, there are a number of things you will have to do:

  • Remove the asphalt or concrete. This is a task that has to be done by a professional.
  • Soil evaluation
  • Root removal

Here Is How A Heated Driveway System Works

The heated driveways are simply radiant floor heating systems. They can be installed indoors and outdoors. When the temperatures drop significantly, antifreeze and warm water are pumped through the tubing in the heating system. This causes the snow to melt. By flipping a switch situated in your house, you can watch as the snow and ice in the driveway melts.

The installation of the driveway heating in Calgary doesn’t mean you have to build a whole new driveway. The tubing can be run under your existing driveways. There are, however, some factors that need to be considered before determining if the heating system can be installed in the existing driveway. The factors include the time of the year, soil compaction and the trees in the proximity. The prepping process is determined by the look of the existing driveway.

An experienced contractor will determine how far apart the cables need to be before laying them down. After laying the cables, remesh will be placed to ensure there is an optimum distribution of heat. Cable jumps may have to be installed if your driveway has cracks.

You will get a control panel installed in a convenient location. Once the system is confirmed to be working perfectly, concrete or asphalt will be poured to cover the heating system. Drying time will be needed before you can park or walk on the driveway.

Driveway heating systems come in many types and can be placed on different surfaces. Some are automatic while others are manually activated.

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