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COVID-19 Update – From Your Floor Heating Experts

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our heated floor assembly and distribution facilities are operating under new safety regulations. With a majority of the population stuck at home in the wake of the raging coronavirus pandemic, you have a lot of free time at your disposal. This makes it the perfect time for DIY home renovation projects. Our DIY underfloor heating systems are a popular choice if you no longer want to walk on cold floors. The systems are easy to install; you just roll them, connect to the electrical socket, and cover them up. No special equipment or skills are needed. At Heavenly Heat we are excited to offer the highest quality floor heating system in Toronto. We are ready to serve you safely. Ask us about our zero contact service calls.

Heated Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring started being used in residential flooring decades ago. It is a popular choice because of its ease of installation, attractiveness, and durability. At Heavenly Heat we offer a wide range of products to ensure that you have the perfect solution for heating your laminate floors.

 Laminate Underfloor Heating

When it comes to laminate floors, the secret to effective underfloor heating is ensuring thermal conductivity. This is important when you have dense laminate floors installed. The higher the density of the flooring material and the thinner it is, the shorter the heat-up time and the more responsive the heating system will be.

  • Quality Workmanship

    All our products are made of top notch grade components. With efficiency and reliability in mind, our heating systems meet the highest industry standards.

  • Experienced Staff

    Our trained and experienced staff is readily available to answer any of your technical and customer service related questions.

DIY Underfloor Heating Systems

Cold floors are a result of inefficient and uneven heat distribution. In combating this problem, DIY Underfloor heating systems are a popular product. Homeowners no longer have to walk on cold floors. The DIY underfloor systems are easy to install. You simply roll them, connect to your electrical system and cover them up. These heating systems rely on radiation to heat both the floors and the room. Needless to say, radiation is the most efficient method of heating a room. You should also note that these systems do not rely on air circulation. They are completely safe for both babies and persons with respiratory problems. DIY underfloor heating systems are popular because they allow the floor of the house to retain the heat by generating heat from beneath the floor surface. All in all, even with the DIY heating systems, it is imperative that you work with a professional in the installation. Give us a call today for the best results in underfloor heating.

Driveway Heating Systems

Driveway heating systems offer the single advantage of effort-free snow removal. They eliminate the pain of shoveling and salting the driveways during snowy winters. They let you stay comfortable inside while they do all the work. These systems rely on mats and cables which heat the driveway automatically to prevent snow and ice buildup. When compared to the cost of shoveling and hiring plow companies, it is much cheaper to use the driveway heating systems. The cost of installation ranges from $14 to $24 per square foot and you can install it on your existing driveway. The best thing is that the system turns on and off automatically depending on the outdoor temperatures. It will cost between $120 and $250 every winter to heat a 1,000 square foot driveway. Deal away with the pain of snow shoveling each winter with the driveway heating systems. With the right team, the system can be installed virtually anywhere on your outdoor space. Call us today for the best advice, best systems, and the best installation services.

Pipe Freeze Prevention Systems

The pipe freeze prevention systems help reduce downtime and save costs by ensuring your pipes are never out of order. Cold temperatures cause water and other liquids to freeze. Freezing in the pipes creates high pressure inside the pipe and this can cause the pipes to burst leading to serious flooding. The freeze prevention systems rely on self-regulating heating cables which work by keeping the temperature of the pipes above the freezing point. The freeze prevention system is ideal because it prevents freezing from ever occurring. The system monitors the external environment and activates only when necessary. This means there is no need to heat the pipes when there is no chance of freezing occurring. Our pipe freeze prevention systems offer consistent and effective freeze prevention in Toronto households. You never have to worry about inconveniences or hazards that can cost you thousands of dollars in water damage. The systems are also very energy efficient. Call us today to learn more.

Pipe Tracing Systems

Pipe tracing systems guarantee that your pipes will never get damaged by freezing. It is easy to install, effective and very affordable. The system helps you to monitor freezing and eliminate the threat of pipe freezing. It has self-regulating cables which go around the pipes and monitor the temperature. When the temperatures begin to fall below freezing point, the system activates and starts to heat the pipes thus preventing freezing within the pipes. This system excels in the prevention of burst or clogged pipes. The system does not just apply heat to the pipes but also works automatically thus guaranteeing you never deal with the issue of freezing pipes. The pipe tracing systems will prevent flooding and extend the life of your pipes. It will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the pipes in your home are undamaged regardless of how cold the winters get. Give us a call today to learn more about this system.

Radiant Floor Heaters

The main advantage of radiant floor heaters is that they eliminate the cold, uncomfortable floors that most homeowners deal with. The system also heats the entire room without relying on air circulation. This means it will not spread allergens. Heating is through radiation. You can also use it with your HVAC and install it in just any room including the bathroom. When compared to other heating systems, the radiant heaters are far more effective. This is because radiant heaters redistribute the heat evenly throughout the room and use less energy. This means there are no cold spots in the room as is the case with space heaters. The large surface area that the radiant heaters cover is what makes them more efficient. Radiant heating is, without any doubt, the most efficient and effective method of heating. Call us today to learn more about our radiant floor heaters. As a manufacturer, we customize the size of the heated elements to fit your project.

Roof De-Icing Systems

Ice and snow buildup on the roof can cause significant problems. The purpose of the roof de-icing systems is to prevent ice problems on the roof thus easing the potential liabilities that are caused by ice and snow around the drains, eaves, valleys and entire roof systems. With the installation of these low voltage systems, you will get to do away with manual labor or the use of chemicals to eliminate the problem. The use of de-icing cables helps eliminate the ice and snow buildup at the core. The systems work by applying heat which melts any ice or snow that is on the roof. You no longer have to deal with icicles, ice dams or accumulated water and frost damage. Our products are customized to offer the right amount of heat for various applications. You can count on optimal heating solutions that work only when needed and that never burden you with power bills. Call us today to learn more about our roof-deicing systems.

Electric Systems for Laminate

The best underfloor heating system for your home will depend on the floor size, height of the floor as well as a range of other factors. At Heavenly Heat we recommend one of three options.

Easy Mat

This is made of high-quality heating cables that are woven into flexible strips. Easy mats are ideal for heating basements, bathrooms, sunrooms, and other areas where warm floors offer greater comfort. Easy Mats come in three heat requirement strengths; 12, 15, or 20 Watts per square foot. 12 Watt per square foot is perfect for secondary comfort heating whereas 20 Watt per square foot is ideal for primary room heating.

Why Choose EasyMat?

  • The heating element is 1/8 inches thick and so doesn’t affect the floor levels
  • EasyMat’s flexibility makes it easy to work around existing fixtures or in cramped floor layouts
  • It can be used as the primary or secondary source of heating
  • Temperature thermostats permit independent temperature regulation in various heating zones
  • Do It Yourself is possible with EasyMat

Easy Wire

EasyWire is perfect for heating sunrooms, bathrooms, and basements. It comes in varying heat requirement strengths from 10 to 20 Watt per square foot. 10 Watt per square foot is recommended when underfloor heating is being used as a secondary comfort heating whereas 20 Watt per square foot is ideal where underfloor heating is used as the primary room heating.

Why Choose EasyMat?

  • Operates on the ordinary current already in your home
  • Easy installation
  • The heating element is 1/8 inches thick so doesn’t affect the floor levels
  • It is flexible and easy to install around fixtures and in cramped floor layouts
  • Can be used as a primary or secondary source of heating
  • Floor temperature thermostats help regulate heat in each heating zone
  • DIY is possible

Self-Regulating Cable

This is a cUL listed self-regulating parallel heating cable designed for both residential and industrial applications. The cable increases or reduces heat output depending on the ambient temperature. The cable can never overheat even when it is overlapped.

Why Choose Self-Regulating Cable?

  • Its energy-efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Low installation cost
  • No risk of overheating or burnout
  • Can be used in non-hazardous and corrosive elements

If you are not sure which system to use, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our experienced team will help you choose the best system and also help with its installation. Contact us now to find out more.

Thermal Conductivity of Laminate

To get great thermal conductivity, it is imperative that you choose laminate flooring with dense materials. The denser the material is the better it will be at transferring heat. It is also good to note that the thinner the flooring material is the faster it will transfer heat.

Floor Thickness

With underfloor heating, both solid wood and laminate flooring make a great floor covering. This is provided the material isn’t overly thick. For the best results, the thickness should be a maximum of 18mm. A thickness thicker than this will impede efficient performance.

With the board size, the wider boards show more movement than narrow ones. At Heavenly Heat, we thus recommend the ratio of thickness to widget be around 7 to 11. A board that has a width of 160mm and a thickness of 16mm will give a ratio of 10. It is, thus, a good choice.

Floor Temperature

The temperature of wood and laminate floor surfaces must never go above 27 degrees Celsius (81 degrees F). The temperature restriction is maintained using a thermostat. If you plan on using underfloor heating as the primary source of heat in a room, you should get a heat calculation done to ensure the floor heater meets the heating requirements.

Do you need help with heat loss calculation? Our experienced team at Heavenly Heat is here to offer the assistance you need. Call us now for a quote.

Installation for Laminate Flooring

The type of underfloor heating you choose to install will depend on a number of things. For example, if you want to install an Easy Mat, the installation will include the following:

  • Type of underfloor heating
  • Underlay
  • Fitting the final floor covering

Underlay Thickness

It is of greatest importance that during the installation of underfloor heating, everything including the final floor finish and underlay be in the restrictions set in the below table. If the manufacturer insists that the laminate flooring has to be used with an underlay, the underlay should not be bigger than 6mm and should be breathable.

Limits of Heat Transfer

Proper care has to be taken to ensure the laminate flooring has an effective performance of the system. At Heavenly Heat, we do not recommend the installation of floor heaters if the limits in the below table are not met. This is because failure to meet these limits may impact the overall performance of the underfloor heating system and cause the system not to work as required.

Transfer of Heat Limits
Tog 1.5 (unless it is stated otherwise)
RSI 0.15m2 K/W (unless stated otherwise)
R-value (US) Should not exceed 1.42

Laminate flooring may be the perfect choice for you more so if you are on a budget or wish to save money. Our job at Heavenly Heat is to ensure you get the best solutions for laminate floor heating. Give us a call today to find out more about our solutions and to get a free quote. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Amazing product. Glad I went with these guys.

Shamil Shamilov

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An awesome heating system, we used it in our bathroom renovation project; and honestly, after hours of research I couldnt find anything else even near the same quality for the same price. Would absolutely reccomend.

timour chamilov

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I'm very happy with Heavenly Heat team. It's my 3rd project with this team and I'm always happy with their work.

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Very happy with the directions and amount of information I received with the mat. It made the installation easy. Will recommend to anyone.

Mary Smith

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As a DIY, I really appreciated the snow melting cable from Heavenly Heat because it is so heavily jacketed I had no trouble with damage, testing the cable before and after proved that it withstood whatever it had to during installation. I love that it has a built-in return connection; meaning the cable doesn't have to make the "run" back to the relay panel - this made the install so much easier.

Samanta Alves

Amy Cole

Amazing product! We installed easy mat in a family room. The family room was part of an addition that was on a slab so the room was extremely cold especially in the winter. We used the mat under pad and carpet and it heats up in minutes. We are thrilled with how this product performs.

Amy Cole

Shawn Dixon

Extremely well made and truly an excellent product. Couldn't be happier with customer service at Heavenly Heat.

Shawn Dixon

Brandon Torres

Ordered floor heating cable. Works well. A great solution for an odd shaped space and the price is great. We installed it in a bathroom floor that is above and unheated garage. Just the right solution.

Brandon Torres

Octavio Beale

It was a pleasure dealing with Heavenly Heat during home renovation project. Customer support was excellent, advising on how-to (I hired electrician at the end to install the system at the end, but still they were very helpful). Over all very positive experience.

Octavio Beale

Robert Lewis

Awesome floor heat system. I have installed Heavenly Heat as well as a couple other brands and this one for the price cannot be beat. It also comes with extras that the more expensive systems do not come with such as the alarm to let you know if you have damaged the cable during installation. The thermostat takes a bit of time to learn and is not as easy, but once you figure out how to program it, its no problem. Will definitely buy again. The floor is already nice and warm.

Robert Lewis

Michael Friedman

Good quality and much cheaper than many heating cables out there. No problem at all. I didn’t use the installation strips but bought uncoupling membrane. It makes it much easier to install since you can remove the cable and move them closer. Keep in mind you cannot cut your cable. There is some trial and error until the coverage is perfect with your cable length. Thermostat works well too and is programmable with many options.

Michael Friedman

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