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Floor Heating Cables


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Looking for effective, affordable and fastest way to melt ice in gutters? Heavenly Heat has the answer. Our quality, affordable floor heating systems and roof heater system will ensure that your roof will be quickly relieved of any snow and ice buildup, and remain that way for good

  • Improve Safety by Providing Instantaneous Relief From Snow and Ice on Your Roof

  • Prevent Ice Damage to Your Home


Roof De-Icing ApplicationWhen it comes to accumulated snow and ice buildup, we often think of it as snow and ice on the ground, covering our driveways, sidewalks, and generally making every step outside an adventure. After all, a Canadian winter wouldn’t be the same without it. While snow and ice buildup on the ground is definitely a constant nuisance in the winter months, it is a hazard that we are all well aware of. Most people, however, are unaware or remain unconcerned that there is another location where ice and snow buildup routinely occurs on their property: the roof. Snow and ice buildup on the roof of one’s home can cause many problems for homeowners if left untreated.

Snow and ice buildup on the roof can cause various problems to the occupants of the household, in addition to the structural integrity of the property itself. Buildup that accumulates during winter months can cause ice dams to form in the gutters, create dangerous icicles that may fall at any moment, and result in water damage that encourages mold growth. All of these problems become difficult and costly to repair over time.

Most removal methods requires manual labor and also eavestrough cleaning or the use of chemicals for complete elimination of the problem. Due to the precarious nature of the roof, it is necessary for most homeowners to hire professionals to undertake the snow removal process; however, this is often a difficult, time–consuming and ultimately temporary process that needs to be repeated every winter.

Heavenly Heat has a better way to treat this problem. Our patented system uses de–icing cables will eliminate the problem at its core by getting rid of any and all snow buildup through the simple application of heat, melting any snow or ice that might cause problems for the roof of your home. By simply applying heat to the area, snow and ice cannot build up — thereby eliminating the possibility of ice dams and icicles from forming, as well as accumulated water and frost damage.

For the last decade, Heavenly Heat has worked tirelessly to provide innovative gutter deicing systems that enhance the lives of our customers — our goal is to find the optimal roof heating solutions to everyday problems. We want our customers to discover exactly how helpful and effective a proper application of heat in the right place can solve many winter issues — ones that Canadians have to routinely deal with every year. We feel that our roof deicing system is another step in this direction. For the best roof de–icing in Toronto, contact Heavenly Heat — let us help to secure the state of your home’s roofing and prevent future winter problems with our patented gutter and roof de–icing system.

Evaluating The Roof Before Installing Gutter Deicing System

Warm Roof – How it Works with Roof Heater

When poorly insulated, heat loss through the roof causes positive temperature on the roof surface under the heap of snow. This causes snow to melt, and the water collects in the cold roof, drains and freezes. A roof heater ensures snow melts away as soon as it lands, thus preventing leaks.

Cold Roof – How it Works with Roof Heater

When the roof is insulated properly, sunshine will melt the snow, and the water will drain to the areas of the roof where sunlight doesn’t get to. The water will then freeze again, and this will repeat. Over time, this occurrence will end up harming the roof and cause the gutters and downspouts to split from the roof. Roof heaters ensure snow melts and drains completely off the roof.

Why Install Roof and Gutter Deicing System

  • Avoid Costly Damages

    The gutter deicing system detects and melts snow and ice automatically. There will always be a pathway for water to drain properly and avoid any potential damage.

  • Prevents trapped water

    Trapped water, snow, and ice can lead to significant damages which lead to mold growth, leaks and even a collapsed roof. The roof and gutter ice melting system will keep ice from damaging your gutters.

  • User-friendly controls

    Our roof heater system comes with a wide selection of deicing controls. You get full system control after installation.

  • Affordable

    The roof and gutter deicing system is inexpensive to run and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Safe

    Our systems are CSA certified and UL Listed for outdoor use in both Canada and the US.

  • Constant and Self-Regulating Wattages

    For added control, you can either go with constant wattage (DIY-friendly) or the self-regulating (energy efficient) system. Your choice will depend on your project needs and preferences.

Why Choose Heavenly Heat

  • Free Installation plan

    We offer a free, no-obligation SmartPlan with every quote. You get this mostly within a day.


    We are available to answer any question you may have at any time of day, every day and all year round.

  • Fast Shipping and Simple Returns

    We offer same-day shipping across the nation. We are fully committed to getting your order to you safely and on time. We don’t charge restocking fees for the unused products.

  • Unbeatable Warranty

    Our Ice Shield Roof and Gutter Deicing Systems attract a three-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Overlapping the cables will cause the system to overheat. Don’t allow portions of the cables to overlap or touch another deicing and/or heating cable.
It is not recommended to install the cable to remove ice or snow that has already formed or to clear existing snow or ice.
The cable can be left on all year long. However, you must avoid operating the cable in warm weather (above 50 degrees F or 10 degrees C) to prevent overheating.
The Deicing Cable Kit cannot be shortened by cutting. It has a constant wattage heating element that cannot be altered in any way.
No. The Deicing Cable Kit has been rated for 120V. The system must also be grounded and be ground fault protected in order to comply with the local electrical codes.
Yes, it does. The Deicing Cable Kit requires to be connected to a controller/thermostat and must also be connected to a power outlet throughout the winter period or during a single snow event or when you need to de-ice manually.
First, uncoil the cable to ensure they are not touching or overlapping. Never plug the kit in until you have uncoiled it completely. Plug the cable in and in 5 minutes it should be slightly warm to touch. You can perform a resistance test using a digital multi-meter.
The length of cable that is needed will depend on the size of the roof or the total area of the roof that needs to be de-iced. You have to account for the downspouts, gutters, valleys, and dormers if they will be deiced too. You have to measure the dimensions of your roof when estimating the length of cable needed. Our team at Heavenly Heat will be happy to help with these measurements.

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