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Heated Floors – In Floor Radiant Heating Systems – Manufactured In Toronto, Canada

Heavenly Heat Inc. manufactures and distributes floor heating systems and snow melting solutions. We are into this business for more than a decade. We provide high-quality heating products in Toronto.

The electric underfloor heating systems are effective and keep the area warm for hours. We aim at providing superior quality products that are energy-efficient and easy to install. Our specialists understand the product and its related aspects. So if you require assistance or guidance our experts are more than happy to help.

Many of our customers are recognizing the benefits of electric radiant floor heating. We manufacture all of these products and offer excellent services to our customers. We believe in customer satisfaction, and that is why the floor warming solutions of Heavenly Heat Inc. are manufactured keeping in consideration the requirements of our customers.

Experience the warmth in winter with Heavenly Heat’s floor heating solutions. People who live in colder regions can utilize these systems and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Snow melting systems can bring you great relief as they remove snow blocks and accumulated ice. This is a great way to keep the driveways, walkways and stairways clean and safe.

Save time, money and energy with Heavenly Heat’s warming solutions. They are safe to use and keep the zone comfortably heated.

  • Quality Workmanship

    All our products are made of top notch grade components. With efficiency and reliability in mind, our heating systems meet the highest industry standards.

  • Experienced Staff

    Our trained and experienced staff is readily available to answer any of your technical and customer service related questions.

Floor Heating Systems

Heavenly Heating is excited to provide the highest quality floor heating systems in Toronto for our customers. Heavenly Heat’s floor heating systems are an effective and affordable way to redistribute the heat in a room in order to increase the comfort level and usability of a space. For over a decade, Heavenly Heat has been providing the finest solutions to heat distribution through our patented floor heating systems.

Snow Melting Heating Systems

Heavenly Heat is pleased to provide the best snow melting system in Toronto for our customers. Through listening to the wishes of our clients, we have developed a system that fulfills their various needs, as well as specifically catering to the demands of the harsh Canadian winter. We truly believe that our system of snow removal and buildup prevention is the best method of reducing eliminating snow on your property.

Proudly Providing Quality Radiant Heating Solutions in Toronto

Heavenly Heat Inc. offers the best radiant heating solutions in Toronto. Whether you are in the process of constructing a new home or remodeling, we have panels that can offer the comfort and low energy use needed in a radiant heating system. Our systems offer fast response times, ease of installation and energy efficiency. You are always guaranteed unparalleled comfort with our radiant heated floors.

Heating Systems Build To Last

The systems we have in stock have been designed and manufactured to offer maximum performance. If you need a low mass radiant heating panel that consumes minimal energy, we are able to offer just the right product to suit your needs. We have radiant heating systems with high conductivity allowing for low energy use and an extended lifespan. We have systems that can seamlessly integrate with existing components so you don’t have to buy additional hardware. Overall, our heating systems are cost-effective and offer good value for your money.

Get a radiant heating solution that will warm up your home in minutes, providing you with long lasting comfort. Our systems can be used in a wide variety of floor options. From the commonly used carpets to ornate hardwoods and everything in between, there’s nothing we can’t offer when it comes to radiant heating.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Your journey of finding a reliable radiant heating system ends with us. We can help you choose the radiant heating solution that is right for your home or business. We have systems that are mostly recommended in new constructions due to the method of installation whereas others can be easily used in existing homes. If you need a small system that is perfect for a remodel, our experts will be happy to help. We have heating solutions that can be installed on the existing subfloor or slab. If you need radiant heating in the walls or ceilings, we can provide the most effective solution for this.

Please keep in mind that, even though our products could be used for DIY projects, heated floor installation may require some electrical and wiring skills from you. So if you are not comfortable working with wires we advise you to hire a professional and licensed electrician in Toronto.

Get Premium Floor Heating Systems

At Heavenly Heat Inc. you have a wide range of heating systems to choose from depending on your budget and needs. Whether you need a simple floor heating system that is effective and affordable or a snow melting system that’s energy efficient, our technical team can help you to locate the right product.

Why Heavenly Heat Inc.?

When working with Heavenly Heat Inc. you will be pleased with the entire process. First, we walk you through the systems we have that match your needs while providing one-on-one customer support. Every order will include the necessary drawings together with the panel, layouts, locations and any technical information that may be required for the given project. Heavenly Heat Inc. offers a dedicated technical support team that wants to ensure the project runs smoothly. We offer high quality radiant heating systems preferred by builders, architects and homeowners all over Toronto.

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Luxurious Heated Floor Systems

Heavenly Heat’s floor heater system is installed below the floor surface, covering the entire area and thus evenly distributing heat throughout the room. By having the source of heat generation installed on the floor, this uses the tendency for heat rise up to the home’s advantage by warming the room, resulting in a warm floor and comfortable room temperature that is free of any hot and cold spots.



Client Testimonials

You’re the best! And I’ve been so enjoying the warm tile floor. It was one of those things I could have not done to save a bit of money and I’m so glad I went ahead with it!

Jill TBritish Columbiahttps://

You’re the best! And I’ve been so enjoying the warm tile floor. It was one of those things I could have not done to save a bit of money and I’m so glad I went ahead with it!

Steve HWyoming

I purchased your product, I installed it and it works beautifully.

Thank you for your excellent service.

Ronda SBritish Columbia

Your company is my first & only contact for this product!!

My Best to Heavenly Heat and staff!!

Jim VIllinois

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