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Heated Driveways in OttawaHeated Driveways Ottawa

It is never comfortable to walk or drive on a driveway that is covered in snow or ice. Even so, this is something that most Canadians in areas that experience extreme weather have to deal with every year. Snow and ice buildups on the driveways are a nuisance that leads to a lot of time wastage in salting and shoveling. If not treated on time, the snow and ice buildup can cause delays with cars stuck in the driveway and also accidents when people slip and fall while walking on your driveway. There are times when the snow turns into ice that is mixed with salt. The combination of snow, salt and ice is very difficult to get rid of. It requires hours of hacking and digging. Removing this with a snow blower will also prove difficult. These challenges are what have seen many property owners in dire need of a reliable solution in snow and ice removal. The big problem is that most of the solutions offer temporary relief. The good news, on the other hand, is that Heavenly Heat has a solution that will give you a permanent solution in the prevention of snow buildup.

Heavenly Heat is committed to providing the best solutions that offer permanent relief from snow and ice buildup on driveways even in regions that experience extreme winters. Our solution is driveway heating Ottawa. The driveway heating system makes it easy to prevent and remove snow buildup proactively. The snow will be melted long before it builds up. Considering the system will melt the snow at the core, you will never get to deal with shoveling and salting. The system reduces the workload on your part and also frees up time that is needed for doing other important things. The best news is the fact that the driveway heating system will extend the life of your driveway by preventing ice and frost damage. You will get to deal with fewer driveway repairs mostly because snow buildup will no longer be the thing that wears down the foundation of your property.

Over the years, we have come to believe that our driveway heating Ottawa is the best system you can spend your money on. We at Heavenly Heat are committed to supplying high-quality systems that are also cost-efficient. Our systems will offer you a proactive solution to the snow problem. Give us a call now for a driveway heating system that is tailored to your needs. We guarantee permanent relief from snow buildup on your outdoor space.

Affordable Solution for Your Clean and Safe Driveway

We have the best solution for keeping ice and snow buildups off your driveway and other outdoor spaces. Heavenly Heat understands that many parts of Canada experience extreme weather during the winter season. We also know that snow and ice buildup is a nightmare. That is why we have come up with the ultimate solution for eliminating snow/ice buildup issues with an innovative driveway heating system.

  • Fast and easy to install heating system
  • Cost and energy efficient solution
  • Fast and Easy to Install Heating System

  • Cost and Energy Efficient Solution for Your Property


How Does Heated Driveway System Work?

If you reside in an area that experiences extreme weather during the winter season, you are probably used to shoveling and salting your driveways. However, if you have to shovel more than three times a day, you might be begging for an alternative solution.

People living in areas that experience mild winter weather may also be in dire need of a solution that efficiently eliminates snow/ice buildup. This is more so if the winter season causes limited mobility. The installation of the heated driveway system might just be the solution you need to permanently get rid of the snow buildup problem. Driveway heating Ottawa can help you go through an entire winter season without having to use the snow-blower, use salting or shovel. It is, however, good to note that replacing the drives might be needed to achieve a perfect installation of the heating system.

Driveway Heating System Installation

There are basically two main reasons why homeowners choose to install the driveway heating system. The first is to prevent accidents that come with slipping and falling on snow/ice while the second reason is to prevent the frustration that comes with finding the car stuck under piles of snow or finding the driveway completely inaccessible.

The installation process of a driveway heating Ottawa is pretty straightforward. You should, however, not consider doing the installations on your own. Hire an experienced contractor to help. The proper installation of the driveway heating system is the key to reliable performance. When getting ready for the installation, here are the three crucial things that have to be done:

  • Remove the asphalt or concrete. This should only be done by an experienced contractor.
  • Soil evaluation
  • Root removal

Here Is How A Heated Driveway System Works

Heated driveway systems are radiant floor heating systems just like those used indoors. The system will pump antifreeze and warm water through a tubing system when the temperatures get to a freezing point. This will cause the snow/ice to melt. The system can be automatic or can be operated manually.

Installing a driveway heating in Ottawa does not mean that you have to build a new driveway. The system can be installed under the existing driveway. However, before installing on an existing driveway, a number of factors will be considered among them the time of the year, trees in the proximity as well as soil compaction.

The experienced contractor will determine the perfect distance between the cables before laying them down. Remesh will also be laid to ensure there is optimal heat distribution. Cable jumps may also be needed especially if your driveway is riddled with cracks.

A control panel will be installed in your house. It is from the control panel that you flip a switch and activate the driveway heating system. After the contractor confirms that everything is working perfectly, concrete or asphalt will be put in to cover the heating system. You have to allow for drying time

There are many types of driveway heating systems available. Give us a call today to learn more.

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