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In Floor Heating Burlington

Homeowners have become increasingly aware of the numerous benefits of installing in-floor heating in Burlington. Installing underfloor heating is one of the most popular home improvements done in Canada. But where do you start? Which system is best for you? How do you install it?

Our commitment at Heavenly Heat Inc. is to help you answer these questions, help you find the in-floor heating system that is perfect for you, and help with both installation and maintenance. We are manufacturers and distributors of underfloor heating systems and snow melting solutions. Thanks to more than 10 years in the business, we are able to offer high-quality products and exceptional results in the installation of heated floors. Talk to us today to find out more.

How Does Radiant Heating Work?

An in floor heating system has a network of wires under the floor or a series of pipes, which are linked to a boiler that pumps hot water through them. When in-floor heating is turned on, the heating element gets hot and the heat rises from the floors to the rest of the room. No fans are needed to circulate the heat. Heat is transferred through radiation which means no air circulation is needed. As a result, radiant heating is ideal for persons with allergies or asthma because the system does not disrupt dust and other allergens.

Perks of Installing Heated Floors in Burlington

Underfloor heating is preferred in new buildings and in new renovations because of the many benefits it offers. The key benefits include.

  • Best Quality in the Market

    Heavenly Heat Inc. heating solutions are among the best quality products in the market. We use the only the best resources available and our workmanship surpasses the highest industry standards. This is why our products are as efficient and affordable as they are.

  • All the Support You Need

    You can rely on the support of our experienced staff to answer any question and give guidance on these heating systems.

Increased comfort

Since the system distributes heat through radiation, you can expect a more evenly distributed and comfortable level of heat. This is unlike radiators where you may sometimes experience uncomfortable heat levels and dry air. Underfloor heating conserves moisture in the air.

Cheap to run

After replacing radiators with in floor heating, most homeowners slash heating costs by an average of 25%. These savings can be higher when the system is installed properly. Properly installed heated floors, further, require little to no maintenance. This is why most systems come with a warranty of at least 25 years.

Improved health

Traditional systems that rely on air circulation to heat a room can aggravate asthma sufferers as well as people with allergies. This is not the case with in floor heating in Burlington. The system does not disrupt dust and allergens. The heat rises from the ground up.

Types of Heated Floors

The two types of heated floors are hydronic and electric. Hydronic system means there is a series of pipes under the floor. The pipes are connected to a solar panel or boiler. Hot water from the boiler is pumped through the series of pipes to heat the floors.

Electric heated floors rely on a network of wires or ready-made mats, which are installed under the floors. When turned on, the coils heat up to produce the heat needed to heat up the room.

There are several considerations that have to be made before buying and installing heated floors. Our team at Heavenly Heat Inc. is more than happy to guide you through the process and ensure you have the best system for your home. Contact us now to find out more about in floor heating in Burlington.

Client Testimonials

Ordered easy wire. Fantastic. Be careful with your layout and be careful installing your tiles over top so you don't damage your heating wires or your thermostat wires (put in a backup thermostat while you are installing just in case). I just put in about 20 sq ft in the kid's bath and now laying 40 sq ft in master bath. Also planning to do floor are around the beds (so I get out of the bed and step on heated floor in winter). I liked this product and suppler, would recommend.
Frank May
Frank May
15:42 20 Jan 19
First time I bought this brand. It was less expensive than the other brands I had been using and it is just as good. There was a minor issue with shipping costs because of Canada Post strike, but Heavenly heat gave additional discount on the product to balance total cost, which I think is a great customer service example. Can’t tell if the installation process was easy, I hired flooring guys to install the wire for me, well they had no complaints about the product either. Floor is really getting warm, it takes about 15 minutes for marble tiles to warm up, so I just turn it on and go the shower and when I step out it is nice and warm. Good product, I would definitely recommend.
Dustin Beason
Dustin Beason
16:09 16 Jan 19
Purchased easy mat from heavenly Heat. The install is not as bad as one would think, really pleased with the results and would definitely buy this mat again. I've been using my heated floor since September - took awhile to actually get a chance to use this, it's really nice. I have not noticed a huge uptick in power bills and my unit is on the default thermostat program. I was a bit concerned about having to program the unit, but it comes with a very nice pre-scheduled setup out of the box. Weekdays it's on early morning and evening - weekends it stays on all day. Really happy that I added this to the bathroom, the difference between a heated and unheated section is pretty amazing.
Tyler Carter
Tyler Carter
04:51 19 Jan 19
Installed the EasyMat in self leveling concrete on the floor and our feet are nice and warm. Our bathroom was above the garage so the floor would be extremely cold in the mornings. Not only does this help keep the floor warm but it seems to add a little extra warmth to the room as well. The thermostat works great and price is perfect.
Christopher Power
Christopher Power
02:48 13 Jan 19
EasyMat is a great product by Heavenly Heat, relatively simple install, awesome controller, mat works well to aid install, and the end result is simply fantastic. My bathrooms were always a little cool and getting out of the shower onto a warm floor while I shave or whatever is just great. There are a lot of options when it comes to a floor warming system but for my money I think Heavenly Heat had the best value I could find and a great product.
Gregory White
Gregory White
06:34 15 Jan 19

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