Heated Driveways Edmonton

For most Canadians living in areas that experience extreme snowy conditions, walking on driveways that are ice and snow covered is a very common reality. The buildup of ice and snow is a nuisance that often calls for shoveling and salting. If the problem is not handled in good time, the buildup can result in serious problems which range from extreme delays when the car is stuck in the driveway to injuries resulting from slipping. The snow can also turn into ice that is mixed up with salt. Needless to say, this combination of snow, salt and ice can be very hard to get rid of. You may need to commit hours of hacking and digging. It is because of these reasons that property owners are investing in a more reliable solution when it comes to the removal of snow and ice from the driveway. Most of the traditional methods only offered temporary results because they treated the buildup. Today, there is a solution that keeps the snow and ice from ever building up in the first place. At Heavenly Heat, we have the permanent solution you need to prevent ice buildup on your outdoor space.

Giving you permanent relief from snow and ice buildup is what we are committed to doing here at Heavenly Heat. Our solution is the installation of a driveway heating Edmonton. This is a system that allows you to take a proactive approach when it comes to the prevention and removal of snow and ice buildup on your outdoor space. The system helps you get rid of the snow before it starts to build up. It will remove the snow as soon as it falls on your driveway so that you never have to deal with shoveling the next morning. The system works by melting the ice and snow thus preventing accumulation. At the end of the day upon installing this system, you will reduce your workload when it comes to snow removal and also free up time that is needed for other activities. The driveway heating system will further prolong the lifespan of your driveway by preventing damages caused by ice and frost. You will notice a reduction in the number of driveway repairs you have to do.

Thanks to our years in the business paired with the positive reviews from our esteemed customers, we at Heavenly Heat believe that we provide the best systems for driveway heating Edmonton. Our systems are also cost-effective and the ultimate solution for dealing with snow. Give us a call today for a tailored solution that will help you deal away with snow and ice removal even in the harshest winter weather. Our systems offer permanent solutions to driveway snow buildup.

Affordable Solution for Your Clean and Safe Driveway

If what you are looking for is an affordable and reliable solution that helps you keep the snow and ice from building up on your driveway, the driveway heating system is the first thing you need to consider. Heavenly Heat understands that there are so many parts across Canada that experience harsh winters and getting rid of the snow and ice buildup is a nightmare for homeowners. That is why we offer the driveway heating systems which eliminate the issue before it builds up.

  • Fast and easy to install heating
  • Cost and energy efficient solution for your property

Fast and Easy to Install Heating System

Cost and Energy Efficient Solution for Your Property

How Does Heated Driveway System Work?

Residents of areas that experience extreme winter weather spend a lot of their time shoveling and salting their driveways. Shoveling snow from the driveway for more than three times in a day can leave anyone begging for an alternative solution.

Even for the people that live in areas that experience mild winters, the heated driveway system can be a great choice if you often find yourself dealing with limited mobility due to snow buildups or where you cannot find help to get rid of the snow. The driveway heating Edmonton will help you go through the entire winter with a safe passage and never spend time firing up the snow-blower, salting or using a shovel. It is good to note that replacing your drives will guarantee a proper installation of the heating system.

Driveway Heating System Installation

There are two main reasons why homeowners consider the installation of the driveway heating systems. The first reason is to help prevent slipping and falling when the driveway is covered in snow and ice. The second reason is mainly to prevent the pain of finding their vehicles stuck under a huge pile of snow or the driveway being inaccessible due to snow/ice buildup.

The process of installing driveway heating Edmonton is a straightforward one. Even so, you need to only work with experienced contractors and licensed electricians. The reason for this is because proper installation is the key to reliable performance from the driveway heating system. When getting ready for the installation, here are the key things that will have to be done:

  • Remove the asphalt or concrete. This is a task that has to be done by a professional.
  • Soil evaluation
  • Root removal

Here Is How A Heated Driveway System Works

Heated driveway systems are radiant floor heating systems similar to the ones installed indoors. Once the temperatures fall to a freezing point, the system pumps warm water and antifreeze through the tubing. This causes the snow/ice to melt. You can either install an automatic system or a manual one that requires that you flip a switch for the system to turn on.

Installing driveway heating in Edmonton does not mean that you must build a new driveway. In many cases, the system can be installed under the existing driveway. Certain factors will, however, determine if the system can be installed in your existing driveway. The contractors will consider such things as the time of year, trees in the proximity and soil compaction.

In the installation, the contractor determines the distance between the cables before laying them down. He will also place remesh to guarantee optimum heat distribution. Cable jumps might be needed if the driveway has cracks. A control panel will be installed at a convenient location in the house and once everything is confirmed to be working properly, asphalt or concrete will be poured to cover the driveway heating system. There is a drying time that has to be allowed.

 Driveway heating systems are available in many types and can be installed in various surfaces. Give us a call today to learn more.

  • Single point connection
  • Twin conductor cable
  • Silent, efficient, and safe
  • Emits zero EMF
  • Easy and Flexible installation
  • Durable construction

Cable Construction: Twin conductor
Rated Voltage : 120V,208V,240V,277V,347V,480V,600V
Output : 12W/ft (40W/m)
Heating Element Size : 35′(10.7m) to 940′(286.5 m)
Bending radius: 1.5″ (38mm)
Cable Diameter: 1/4″ (6.5mm)
Conductor Insulation: Fluoropolymer and XLPE
Outer Insulation: PVC
Max. rated Temp.: 220℉(105℃)
Min. Installation Temp.: 40℉(5℃)
Cold lead 16ft length

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