Your Flooring Guide

Floors are designed to last for decades, providing a steady surface to walk on whilst contributing to the beauty of the home. There are different materials that you can use whether you are installing brand new flooring or refurbishing older ones. The most common ones include hardwood, laminate flooring and engineered hardwood.


Hardwood is one of the most beautiful materials that you can use for your floors. It is an all natural product straight from the tree. If you are looking for a natural yet stylish look, then this is the perfect choice for you. There are different varieties of hardwood, and their prices vary. The exotic hardwoods are the most expensive costing up to $20 per square foot. The domestic hardwood is less expensive, with a square foot going for less than $5.


Laminate flooring is made of a high density fiberboard and a wood of your choice. They are very durable and can last up to ten times more than hardwood floor. Due to this, it is widely preferred in heavy duty environments. Laminate flooring costs approximately $5 per square foot.


Engineered hardwood is the same as hardwood but its structure consists of multiple layers of wood. You get to choose the wood variety that is placed on the topmost layer. It is less sensitive to moisture compared to the regular wood. Thus it can be placed in most places around the home. Engineered hardwood price per square foot is approximately $5.


Floor refinishing is cheaper than getting a new floor since it requires less material and is less labor intensive. It may cost up to four times less the cost of getting a new floor. Refinishing is done when the existing floor is worn out. A worn out surface can cause accidents and it spoils the beauty of your home. You can also consider refinishing if you want to transition to a different look.

However, not every floor can be refinished. For instance, if the wood is too thin, then you have no choice but to get a new one. Refinishing is not recommended for wood floors that are 25 years and older. If the floor has been refinished 2 or 3 times, then you should consider getting a new one. Another point to remember is that you can’t refinish just one spot in the room. You should do the whole continuous floor or the entire floor in one room.

You can choose to go from light to dark or dark to light when redoing the floor. However, it may be hard to get the exact shade you want because at times the dark colors penetrate the wood very deeply.

When doing your floors, don’t forget to talk to your contractor about heated floors, floor heating, snow melting systems and driveway heating systems. These will come in handy during winter when it snows.

After getting your desired floor, ensure that you care for it well to ensure that it lasts for decades.