Why You Should Seriously Consider Installing Floor Heating In Your Home

Radiant Floor Heating

With radiant floor heating rising in popularity, in this blog we take a look at a number of reasons why you should move away from central heating systems and install this modern option in your home. This heating not only will warm your home in a cost-effective manner, but it is also the most energy efficient system available and best of all requires very minimal maintenance.

Radiant Floor Heating Is Ideal For Low Energy House

Radiant floor heating works very differently to other heating options. Instead of warming the air around you, radiant heating warms the occupants of the room and the objects in it. This means that you reach a heat comfort level at a much lower temperature than conventional heating systems. Therefore, far less energy is needed to provide the perfect heat comfort level.

Radiant Floor Heating Offers Zoning

One major advantage of radiant floor heating is that it is portioned into zones. The temperatures in these zones can be controlled individually and even switched off if need be. The power here lies in the fact that areas not in use can be turned off which provides even more savings. Conventional heating systems are just not able to offer this level customization that zonal heating brings.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems Are Ideal For Allergy Sufferers

Unlike conventional heating systems such as central heating, radiant floor heating does not move air around at all. Therefore, less dust moves around your house, good news for allergy sufferers!

Radiant Floor Heating System Promotes Natural Humidity Levels

When it comes to humidity levels and central heating, you could not get any drier, which often causes stuffiness. With radiant floor heating, the humidity levels in a room are unchanged, keeping them as natural as possible without the stuffiness. In fact, with no need for humidification of some kind, you will save even more money.

Radian Heating Systems Are Low Maintenance

Not only are radiant floor heating systems easy to install, but they also offer low maintenance and can last for years and years.

At Heavenly Heat, we offer a range of systems over and above radiant floor heating. These are all geared at you, the homeowner to make your home a cozy cocoon during those cold winter months and include various floor heating, driveway heating, snow melting and other various other systems that are extremely affordable. Come and chat to one of our experts about all of your heating needs.