Which Areas Of Home Improvement Need A Professional Touch?

Not every home renovation project can be turned into a DIY. If installing warm floors, revamping your small kitchen or changing the tiles on your outdoor space, hiring a contractor will certainly cost you but it could be the best decision you ever make when planning some renovations. For starters, you need to consider your safety, the cost and aesthetics of the project when deciding whether to hire a specialist contractor.

Think about the skills required to construct a sound structure and handle the process safely. Also consider the size of the project. Can you handle it within a reasonable amount of time alone? If the project can be done by an expert at a lower cost, it makes no sense to DIY. Don’t take on a project that you are unable to complete effectively because you risk reducing the resale value of your home.


Structural components: These include elements such as footers and beams that if not properly done, can quickly compromise the structural integrity of your property. Have an engineer to draft the required drawings and specifications.

Electrical work: Issues like electrical wiring should always be handled by an expert. Whether it’s installing heated floors that involve some form of wiring or fixing a burnt fuse, just because you’ve done it once and it worked doesn’t promise the required safety standards. You risk creating a safety hazard in your property due to poor wiring.

Roofing projects: Though you may have the confidence to complete roofing work, there’s a high chance that turning it into a DIY would mean taking too much time and exposing your home to the elements in the process. An expert will ensure the job gets done in good time and effectively.

Carpentry: The thing with most carpentry tasks is that they often require the right tools and equipment to get the job done fast and effectively. Without the right tools, you may not get the impeccable finishes that a contractor would. Furthermore, you’ll spend so much time on setup and cleaning than the actual job.

Masonry: When your home remodel involves working with stone, brick or concrete, opt to hire a professional. Masonry projects can be a safety hazard if you lack adequate skill and experience. Furthermore, you don’t have to struggle with heavy stones and bricks to get your dream space. A contractor promises good work so it’s often worth the cost.

Tile installations: A good tile installation can be seen from a mile away. This is one of those tasks that you need to have done right the first time. There’s really no time for mistakes. Different types of tiles require different techniques of installation and only an experienced contractor is aware of this. Avoid the expense of repairs since poorly installed tiles are prone to cracking or becoming loose after being installed.

Paint jobs: This is probably one of the most DIYs in Toronto. If you have no skill and experience in painting, you better leave this to the professionals. A poorly done paint job can easily steal the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Whether you are installing floor heating systems or painting your kitchen a dramatic color, hiring a professional is always worth the cost.