Where Should You Install Bathroom Tiles: Around or Under the Toilet?

When it comes to the installation of electric floor heating, some of the tough decisions are already made for you. This is more so when you consider the fact that floor heating systems must never be installed beneath permanent fixtures like bathtubs, toilets, and cabinets. In addition to that, when laying the radiant in floor heating unit, you must ensure that the heated wires are at least 6 inches from the wax ring installed under your toilet.

Should You Tile Around Or Under The Toilet?

This is the big question that this article is set to answer. Either method will work great but most experts recommend removing the toilet then tiling under it. In most cases, however, more so when it comes to DIY installations, most people choose to leave the toilet undisturbed and simply tile around it. After all, there is no sense in fixing something that is not broken, is there?

Even so, it is good to understand the top reasons why most professionals are pro installing under the toilet rather than around it. The main reasons are:

  • Less cutting is involved. This means less frustration when trying to cut the tile to fit perfectly around the toilet.
  • Easier to replace the toilet in the future
  • The results are more professional

Do not be surprised to find professionals who have never tiled around the toilet. Most professionals opt for this option mostly because it makes replacing the toilet easier and also makes it easy to handle any needed repairs. When tiling around the toilet, it is harder to spot the leaks until extreme damages have already occurred. It is always recommended to weigh the pros and cons of installing beneath and around the toilet prior to settling on an option.

Make The Remodel Or Redesign Better

When it comes to bathroom remodels, it makes more sense to make it even better than it originally was. One way of doing this is by installing radiant floor heating. This is a heating system that will keep the tiles luxuriantly warm without relying on air currents to heat every corner of the room. The best thing is that heating systems are not as expensive. It is possible to get a complete heating solution for just $372. This will include a thermostat and additional features to meet your needs.

While installing floor heating, it is good to make sure there is sufficient insulation. This is the key to avoiding undesired heat loss and the system taking longer to heat the room. You should consider installing insulation boards. These can help reduce the heat-up time from 2.5 hours to just 20 minutes.

Whether you decide to install tiles under or around the toilet, the important thing is to make sure you have the right team to help with the installations. You also need to find the right electric floor heating system well in advance to avoid doing repeat work where you have to remove the installed tiles to lay down the heating unit.