What Does Radiant In-Floor Heating Cost?

Arguably, one of the most efficient floor heating systems, radiant heating’s popularity is rising year after year. Many renovators and builders have started to realize that very few heating systems are as comfortable and quiet as the radiant in-floor heating.

If you are looking to install this system, it is paramount to establish whether it fits you right especially when it comes to your budget. It is advisable that you don’t rush to install any system without knowing its installation, running, and maintenance costs so that you can avoid unforeseen expenditures later. Additionally, comparing the cost of different products will go a long way in getting you the heating system you deserve.

With that in mind, here is an outline of what to expect (financially) if you choose to install a radiant system.


A major factor that will affect the floor heating cost vancouver is the method the system will use to heat the water. The method used determines how much you will pay to have this system installed in your house. If you want this system in a small-to-medium sized residential building, Heavenly Heat Inc. technicians can use your existing water heater since the system will not require large amounts of heat to operate optimally.

In such a case, all you need is a radiant X- block installed. This unit pumps hot water coming from your water heater to heat your floor, via a heat exchanger. The water pushed towards the floor does mix again with the water in your heater. To have the radiant system with an X-block installed, you require approximately $3000.00.

For larger projects, the system used is different since there is a need for more hot water supply to the floors. Therefore, one requires a full boiler system installed to not only provide radiant heating but to also heat water in other areas such as the pool, driveway etc. To get an efficient boiler system, set aside $13000.00. For a construction that requires a gypsum pour, the cost of floor heating becomes higher, especially in small projects because of some minimum costs involved.

When you compare the cost of radiant heating installation for a new construction and for a retrofit, you will notice that there is more cost-efficiency for installations in new projects. This is because in retrofits and renovations there is a lot of work that goes into undoing and doing the floor, which makes this projects more expensive to undertake.

Below is an example illustrating the floor heating cost Vancouver in renovations and new constructions.


1. Concrete basement floor for existing home, approximately 1500 sq./ft.

Works needed:

  • Tubing fastened to the floor
  • 1.5-inch gypsum concrete poured to cover
  • X-block installation

The total cost of the project – $9.67 per sq./ft. or $14,500.00 total cost.

2. Full basement for new home construction, approximately 1500 sq./ft.

Works needed:

  • Attaching tubing to mesh
  • Install X-block
  • Pouring concrete floor to cover

Approximate cost: $5.86 per square foot or $8800.00 total cost.

With the information above, you are now ready to undertake radiant under floor heating Vancouver installation without having to worry whether you will be able to foot the costs. For budget-friendly installations, contact Heavenly Heat Inc.