Top Trends in Vinyl and Carpet Flooring

Vinyl Carpet Flooring

Vinyl and carpet when used as flooring options offer great functional and aesthetic benefits. They are easily flexible and are available in multiple patterns and designs. This gives you a wide range of choices and alternatives that can work with whichever theme you prefer. In addition to the common ways you can use carpets and vinyl flooring there are several new trends that either increase the functionality or the beauty effect these two floor types provide. Some of these trends are work you can easily accomplish on your own and the rest will require a professional.


Both vinyl and carpet floor covers always work with heated floors. This adds to their comfort especially during the cold months. With floor heating, the heat is evenly spread from underneath the floor which is faster and cost effective.


The biggest carpet trends revolve around these three aspects. In terms of color there is more variety than before to pick from. Whether you love the bold primary colors or the darker hues you will have great options from a number of carpet manufacturers. Emerging trends are brighter colors which are an increasingly popular choice. They fit in practically any house setting and rooms. They are however great lighting up living areas, children’s bedrooms and the walk in closets. With the exception of the children rooms where they add in the playful aspect, try to keep the other furniture colors muted when using bright colors.

Textures and styles have also changed from the old shag rugs of years gone by. Carpets are now longer and easier to clean. They also have multi-colored strands and are an experimentation with different materials for fibers. The patterned carpet which was thought to be outdated is making a bold comeback. They make for truly aesthetically pleasing scenes when matched with the right lighting and décor. The luxurious brands offer patterns on low-pile carpets. You also have the carpet squares which offer great flexibility in terms of designing and cleaning. They are limitless in their design options with your creativity the only limit.

Selecting a carpet should not be a huge problem; here are some important tips on how to go about the process.

You basically need to use the following questions as your guide:

  • Are there pets?
  • Are there young children?
  • Will the carpet be placed in a high traffic area?
  • What carpet colors will complement the rest of the rooms color and theme?


The previous vinyl flooring was not so popular because of the quality and the colors offered. They often peeled at the corners and were limited in the colors and designs available. Modern day vinyl floors have taken advantage of the technology and will mimic just about any other luxurious floor surface with a warmth and luxurious feel.

Wood and stone look vinyl are most popular in the kitchen because of their durability and luxurious look. There’s also ceramic tile design options.

If you want to extend the warmth out to your driveway, then you should consider driveway heating systems. You can get professional snow melting systems setup to keep your home warm and stylish through the cold months.