Using Floor Heating Cables To Keep Snow Away From Your Driveways

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Most homeowners in Canada loathe shovelling snow off their driveways. And with winters becoming really severe in the past few years, it is a task that is requiring more frequent attention.

Irrespective of whether you do the back-breaking task yourself or you hire someone to plough the driveway for you, you can consider installing an electric snow melting solution as a cost effective and convenient alternative.

Driveway heating is gaining traction in Canada as homeowners start to understand the benefits of a fully automated and maintenance free snow melting solution. And contrary to popular notion, retrofitting a driveway with a floor heating system is completely possible.

Snow Melting Cables

Snow melting cables are the perfect solution for outdoor applications like parking lots, driveways, pavements and stairs. It provides excellent surface snow-melting and anti-icing solutions for a variety of surfaces and pavers.

Unlike hydronic systems which have a cumbersome installation and also require constant maintenance to the various components, snow melting cables are an ‘install and forget’ application with no moving parts. It is relatively simple to install and has maintenance free operation for years.

It also includes advanced control systems which automatically senses the temperature and the amount of snow, controls it automatically to help you maximize on running costs while keeping your driveway free from snow and ice.

The Benefits Of Snow Melting Solutions

There was a time when a heated driveway was considered as an extravagance in a residential setup. Not anymore. If you live in an area that is prone to severe snow and ice build-up in winter, then it makes complete sense to install a snow melting solution in your driveway that helps you avoid the tedious chore of shovelling it every now and then.

Additionally, there is always the risk of injury on a slippery driveway or pathway. If you are a business, then it becomes a necessity to provide safe ingress and egress to your customers.

Unlike hydronic heating systems which have the risk of the glycol leaking into the ground, an electrical snow melting system is completely safe. It consists of a twin conductor cable that has a resistance-heating element that is securely insulated. The cable has excellent dielectric strength and good temperature with stand ability. UV resistant, ideal for use in low temperature and completely environment friendly, it is one of the most widely used floor heating solutions in an outdoor setup.

Also, a radiant heating system may actually prolong the lifespan of your driveway by keeping it free of abrasive snow melting chemicals and salt.

Cost Of Driveway Heating

The average cost of installing a floor heating system in your driveway ranges between $12-$20 per square foot.

Custom Made

Snow melting cables are available in a wide range of lengths and can be customized as per the sizing requirements of your driveway or stairs. Even if you have a large area to be covered, it can be custom made, as most manufacturers offer custom sizing on their products.