Tips for Picking the Right Pet-Friendly Carpet

One of the biggest challenges pet lovers face in their home renovations project is getting the right flooring for their homes. The challenge is finding a flooring type that offers the right safety and comfort to the pets but also withstands the wear and tear from the animals while offering you an easy maintenance time. Surprisingly, one of the floors that offers you all these advantages is one most pet lovers will not consider at first, a carpet. Having pets in your home means your carpet is going to be torn and bitten and it is also going to be at high risk of carrying stains, scratches and odours.

You can still avoid this by an intelligent selection of the carpets you buy. Here are a number of important things to look for when searching for a pet friendly carpet:


This is a very important aspect to consider. You want a carpet that will offer comfort to your, your pet and will also not allow liquid to pass through easily. Get an 8 lbs. 1/2″ thick rebond pad that will meet these demands. As for construction you want a style that will last longer and always maintain its new look. It is advisable to go for a carpet with high twist yarns and a lower pile carpet since they tend to always look newer.


The pets especially the young ones and those not yet housebroken will always end up passing their urine on the carpet. To avoid the odour and the liquid going down to your floor you will need a carpet with a thorough water resistant barrier. This ensures the liquid does not seep through even if you come and find the mess much later.


This refers to the yarns used in carpets. When the yarns are in loops it makes it easier and attractive for the pets to keep on pulling and scratching the carpet yarns. To avoid this select cut pile carpeting; this has no loop fibres.


Instead of opting for wall to wall carpeting you can work with a carpet design that offers more flexibility when it comes to cleaning. You can instead use carpet squares to create some sort of carpet tiles. This gives you the advantage of replacing the soiled carpets and immediately treating them. Should one square become badly spoilt then you only need to replace that piece alone. You can always have a number of extra squares for immediate replacement.


You also need a carpet that can help you manage the odour from the urine, droppings and body smell of the pets. Getting a carpet that has an odour eliminator built in will ensure you do not have to put up with odd smells.


You need a carpet that will withstand the scratching and heavy duty cleaning that comes with having pets. Find material that also does not stain easily as this will lessen your cleaning demands.