The Do’s and Don’ts of Underfloor Heating

Floor Heating

Installing Electric in floor heating is a major home renovation; it is not like painting a room or replacing a light fixture or two. This is a major change to your home because, potentially, you are changing the way your home is heated. So before you go through with it and overhaul your entire home’s heating source there are a few things you should make sure you do, and a few you definitely shouldn’t do.



Check to make sure your new radiant floor heating system not only has a warranty, but that the warranty covers everything you are comfortable with. This is relevant for both electric and hydronic systems because both are installed below the floor and if anything goes wrong it is another major task to fix it since your floor might need to be ripped up again. It is recommended you do not go for anything less than a lifetime warranty just for your security and to know your home will always have sufficient heating. .

Check your floors

Check with the manufacture of your system to make sure the kind of flooring you have in your home is compatible with, and recommended for, the system you are purchasing. Most flooring types like tile, wood, laminate and carpet are fine but it is advisable to check just in case.

Service and Support

It is highly recommended to check the level or service and/or support you will receive from the company after you purchase. Check the manufacturer’s level of support, and make sure you are comfortable in the competency of that support before, during and after installation so you are secure knowing you have help should you need it.

Be in Control

This is your house, and your lifestyle so make sure the system matches exactly what you want. You will have so many options to choose from when installing this new system; options such as whether you want a smart thermostat to automatically set your heating preferences or if you just want a basic one requiring manual setting every time. All of these options need to be selected based on your preferences not necessarily what someone will try to sell you, so do some research before you purchase.



Quality is really important with this purchase, so don’t skimp on it here. You should be purchasing the best quality underfloor heating system to ensure the more efficient performance possible. Check over all the materials being used, including the wires or pipes. Even if someone is coming to install the system for you, it is your home and your new system so you have the right to be able to see the materials being used during installation.


The amount of savings each household will experience will differ a huge amount, but you can ask the manufacturer of your system to give you some figures on heating/operational costs of your underfloor system based on your project details.

Go over recommended temperatures

Depending on the floor you have installed overtop the manufacturer will recommend temperatures you should not set your thermostat above. This will be controlled by the thermostat, and there are known restrictions for wood, laminate, carpet and vinyl floors currently.

When selecting your radiant in floor heating Toronto it is important to make sure you are aware of the recommendations because this is such a large purchase that you don’t want to make a mistake that could have been avoided. If you are unsure of anything about your new system most manufacturers offer customer service support so you can call and speak with representatives who know the product well. It’s very important for you to be comfortable with the limitations, set up, warranties and post-purchase support you will receive from your new system so make sure you know what those are before the system is being installed in your home.