Stylish Flooring Options That Are Also Eco-Friendly

Whenever you want to renovate your floor, think of materials that are just as stylish as they are non-toxic to the environment. While many may think that striking a balance between stylish and eco-friendly is difficult, we’ve uncovered a couple of possibilities that you’d be happy to know about. Let’s look at some flooring options that work perfectly for modern homes and are also very environmentally friendly.


There are three main reasons why bamboo is an ideal flooring material for any homeowner: it’s cost effective, moisture resistant and harder than hardwood floors. Good thing with bamboo is that it grows very fast. It is considered a renewable material with a very distinct look. You can use bamboo flooring on your kids’ game room, dining area, bedroom or any other living space that you want to look uniquely yours.

Keep in mind that not all bamboo flooring is eco-friendly. It all depends on the manufacturer. There are some manufacturers who use compounds like formaldehyde on bamboo which interferes with its environmentally friendly nature. Also, not all bamboo flooring is hard and durable. Sometimes the process of toning or darkening the flooring makes it brittle. Should you opt for dark bamboo floors, understand that they may not be as durable due to the process of darkening. Also understand that bamboo floors can be stained and the type of stains used need to be eco-friendly as well.


Cork flooring is derived from the bark of cork oak trees. These trees don’t have to be chopped down in order for the flooring materials to be produced. Cork is also moisture, fire and mold resistant. The material is very durable and has antibacterial properties making it very safe in homes with small kids or pets. It is also resistant to mold and mildew.

When it comes to cork flooring, you have two broad options to choose from. There are cork floors that look like corkboard and others have a plank-like appearance. Both are durable but it’s not advisable to have very heavy furniture on this type of floor. Cork can dent because of its consistency. The other major drawback is that cork is highly absorbent so spills need to be cleaned quickly to avoid staining. This flooring material is also light-sensitive. The best thing about cork flooring is that it is manufactured using non-toxic elements. There are no harmful adhesives or compounds used in its finishing making it a sustainable flooring material.


Last but not least on eco-friendly flooring materials is linoleum. This material is now being manufactured using very eco-friendly materials. Linoleum floors can add a bold statement in any given space. You can even use this flooring material to pull off the look of marble without spending the extra cost. Linoleum is not just environmentally friendly but it also comes in a wide range of colors and material options to choose from. When choosing this flooring material from a manufacturer, make sure it is made using natural materials like limestone, wood flour and jute.