Floor Heating Systems

Steps for Installing Radiant Heat in Your Bathroom Floor

Bathroom floors can get really cold, especially during the winter months. And since most people spend a substantial amount of time in the bathroom every day, it only makes sense to want to make this space warmer and cozier. The good news is that you can install some floor heating in your bathroom without much hassle.

Prepare The Floor

The first step is to measure the area of the floor where you will be installing the radiant heat wires. It is important to keep in mind that you will be measuring only the parts of the floor on which you will be walking. There is no need to heat the entire floor including where the cabinets are. This will only be wasteful. Ensure that the wires are at least 6 inches from the wax ring of the toilet. Once you have all the measurements, plot this on a graph paper and take it with you to your home store.

Install Electric Circuit

For this, you will need to use a licensed electrician. If you are opting for floor heating mats, most manufacturers recommend that you have a 20-amp circuit. An electrician will install the circuit and also check the heat mats to ensure there are no shorting circuits.

Install The Heating Mats

The third step involves laying the mats in a design that works best for you and your bathroom. Before you place the mat on the floor, ensure you have put a thin layer of thin-set which will hold the mat in place. All you need to do to install the mat is to press it gently onto the thin-set. The mats have plugs which connect with each other to ensure a continuous circuit.


After the mats are in place, take time to check that everything is where it should be and that the mat is heating the floor evenly. You should also make sure that the heating cables are not too close to any fixtures in the bathroom.


So you have your heating mats in place, what’s next? The final step in ensuring your bathroom has heated floors is to put the tiles on top of the mats. For this to be effective, you need to put thin-set on top of the mats and then place the tiles on top. The tiles should be stone or ceramic. If you use linoleum tiles or carpet, you are likely to have the tiles melt or catch fire. Once you have your tiles well-placed you can now look forward to having a warm and cozy bathroom even in the coldest months.

There are numerous benefits of heating your bathroom floor. For starters you will have a better time when taking showers and using your bathroom when the floor is heated. You don’t have to worry about ice cold tiles making contact with your feet. Also, you get to save on the overall costs of heating the house since heating the floor is more cost-effective compared to using the HVAC to heat the entire house.