Staining Concrete Basement Floors

Most basements leak at some point. Foundation issues or heavy rains can make moisture force its way into your home. Stained concrete basement floors have become a popular alternative to hardwood or carpeted floors and can prevent leaking and other basement issues. You can achieve this modern look by following the following steps.

Note that you should stain your basement floor on a dry, warm day. If not, you should use one of the appropriate basement floor heating options or a dehumidifier to prevent moisture from interfering with the stain.

What You Need

  • Water
  • Shop-Vac
  • Scrub brush
  • Paintbrush
  • Plastic sprayer
  • Etching solution
  • String Mop
  • Citrus degreaser
  • Acrylic stain
  • Floor polish
  • Paint roller

Step 1: Degreaser

Using a scrub brush, apply some citrus degreaser to a small section of your basement floor. Let it rest for half an hour then mop the section where the degreaser was. Next, apply the right amount of floor polisher onto the same area and scrub.

Step 2: Vacuuming

Use the shop vacuum to remove the excess water. Apply the degreaser and the floor polisher to the entire basement floor. It’s also important to cover the walls and any baseboard. Degreaser is used to remove grease and oil.

Step 3: Mop

Remove the sealer and then mop the basement floor thoroughly. To find out if the sealer has been removed completely, drip water on the floor and observe it. In case of the water beads, the sealer hasn’t been removed. Allow the area to dry for about 24 hours. However, the floor may take longer to dry depending on how damp or humid the air in the basement is.

Step 4: Etching Solution

Inspect your floor after 24 hours to find out if it has dried as desired. If it’s ready, it’s time to apply the etching solution. Use the plastic sprayer to apply it. Make sure that the solution covers the entire floor evenly.

Give it about 20 minutes to rest and clean it up the moment it stops bubbling. Use the mop to mop the entire floor then vacuum the excess water. Allow it enough time to dry. Keep your basement ventilated or wear a ventilator when carrying out this task.

Step 5: Stain

Before you apply the stain, it’s wise to test a sample in an inconspicuous floor area. This will help you determine the number of coats you need to achieve your desired effect. Note that the floor must be completely dry before you begin applying the stain.

Start with the paintbrush then use the roller to make sure that the stain spreads evenly on the floor. Once done, allow the floor to dry for about four hours before you apply the second coat. If your floor requires more than two coats to achieve the desired effect, wait for more four hours before applying the next coating.

After the last coat of stain has dried completely, mop the floor.

Staining concrete basement floors is an easy project that you can do by yourself. It makes your concrete basement floor look better. It also protects it by making the floor water resistant.