Snow melting cables and mats are automatic and save you a lot of money. While most people consider re-hiring a plowing company to remove snow build-up, it is cost-effective to have a dedicated snow melting system installed on your property. Read ahead to see how the two prominent snow removal methods differ.


While the layout of some driveways may be tricky to navigate for a plow, an electric snow removal system is not limited by the spaces it can reach. Steep driveways and small corners that could be troublesome for any plow are not a problem with this system. Almost all driveways contain these more difficult areas that many plows simply can’t deal with. Furthermore, backyard spaces and walkways that could previously only be cleared with a shovel are not an issue for a melting system either.


Depending on the driveway, it can be much cheaper to use an automated system instead of a plow. The key advantage to the automated system lies in the fact that it only operates when it detects moisture and freezing temperatures. This means you only really pay for what you use in terms of energy costs. On the other hand, plows often work under contracts and will cost you the full price regardless of what kind of winter it end up being. All too often plows are hired under a contract and only end up plowing the property in question a handful of times. You end up saving more with a melting system because you can count on the fact that you will be paying as you go.


Scheduling a plow can be difficult if they try to come early in the morning. They may not be able to clear snow around your car in this scenario and they may even wake you up prematurely. A snow melting system, however, works exclusively around the weather’s schedule and will not wake you up with any noise. In other words, you no longer need to concern yourself with your plow’s schedule and you don’t need to stress out when your car is parked in the driveway for long periods of time.


In addition, you can trust the electric removal system to eliminate snow in an efficient manner. Plowing companies aim to provide their services to countless customers in a single day, so you can’t expect them to perfectly clean your driveway in the short amount of time that they have. Any plow job is certain to leave behind unwanted slush, snow, and ice. These leftover residues can prove dangerous and lead to severe harm if someone slips and falls. Having your driveway cleared perfectly with an automated system will not only make it look nicer but it will become much safer for cars and people alike.

Interested in moving on from your current plow company or maybe you just want to cast your shovel aside for some extra free time? Give Heavenly Heat a call to find out what snow melting system can do for your property.