Snow Melting Systems Winnipeg

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If you are in the market for snow melting systems in Winnipeg, you have come to the right place. At Heavenly Heat, we are fully committed to supplying high-quality snow melting systems for customers in the Winnipeg region. To ensure that we meet the exact needs of our clients, we take the time to listen to their wishes and needs before giving a recommendation. Our systems are built to withstand the harsh Canadian winter. Thanks to our years in the business and great customer reviews, we believe we are the best company to work with when searching for a reliable system for snow removal and snow buildup prevention. Our prices are the most competitive in the market.

Heavenly Heat is a long-serving Canadian company that understands how overwhelming and unpredictable the Canadian winters can get. We have firsthand experience on how difficult and time consuming it can be to get rid of snow buildups. We are also familiar with the problems that snow buildups can cause on both residential homes and commercial properties. Snow buildups can cause immense delays when a vehicle is stuck in the parking lot or driveway and can also lead to injuries when someone slips on the ice. What is more is that snow buildups can lead to liability problems when someone slips and injures themselves on your property, time wastage when trying to clear the snow buildup and also energy draining among other problems. It is imperative that you keep the high traffic area free of obstructions.

At Heavenly Heat, we offer some of the best systems to help you keep the driveway and sidewalk free of snow. The electric snow melting systems in Winnipeg that we offer use innovative technology which will help reduce snow on your property drastically. Our systems guarantee that you never get to deal with shoveling or salting ever again. The snow melting system will activate automatically after detecting precipitation or freezing temperatures on the surface. This unique feature ensures that the system turns on only when needed and thus saves energy. In addition to making sure you never waste time and energy manually removing the snow buildups, the system will extend the life of your outdoor surfaces by preventing frost and ice damage. It is a long-term investment that keeps on giving. It will give you a lot of savings every year and save you time.

Over the last years, Heavenly Heat has been providing innovative solutions that improve the lives of customers by offering solutions to everyday problems. We believe that our snow melting systems Winnipeg will let you delight in the benefits that we offer. Call us today and let us help you find the perfect snow melting system for your residential home or commercial property. Our solutions are tailored to the exact needs of our customers.


Winter will always come and go. The issue is that the winters come with their share of problems. Top on the list is the snow buildups. Installing our snow melting systems will give you the permanent solutions that you need to deal with the challenges of these cold seasons. The system will improve safety on your outdoor space and offer relief from snow and ice and also increase the bottom line by significantly reducing the costs that are linked to hiring snow removal service providers, buying snow clearing machines and using chemicals to melt the snow.

  • Ideal for driveways, emergency areas, walkways, parking lots, ramps, and bridges.
  • Can be used with stone, concrete, paver or asphalt surfaces.


It is always treacherous to clear walkways and driveways that have been covered with snow. This is regardless of your physical fitness. Removing the buildup manually is time intensive and tedious. To solve this problem, the snow melting systems were created. Today, these systems are amassing a lot of popularity in both homes and commercial buildings. The reason for this is because they offer a cost-efficient way of getting rid of the snow/ice from the driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, and other outdoor spaces. The system ensures that you never have to deal with shoveling or salting. It will also eliminate the liability that comes with personal injuries which result from someone getting hurt while on your property.

Our snow melting systems are electronic and fully automated. They will detect when there is blowing or falling snow or ice and when the surface is freezing. The snow-ice detector will activate and turn on the heat to melt the snow before it builds up. It is important to also note that this system comes with a programmable thermostat which can be calibrated to your liking. The fact that the system only goes on when needed also means that you never have to deal with high energy bills.

Thanks to the programmable thermostat, the snow melting system will remain on during a storm and turn off when the storm passes. If there is any period of precipitation, the system will activate automatically and heat the surface to prevent snow buildups. The system can distinguish between normal rain and snowfall. The temperature sensor will only turn on the system when the conditions outside are perfect for melting. As a result, the system is very energy efficient.

To get the best results when using the snow melting systems in Winnipeg, it is imperative that you hire a licensed electrician to help with the installation. The system will be connected to the panel box in your building and there are times when upgrades will be needed. An experienced electrician will be able to make the necessary upgrades and ensure the system is properly connected to the panel box.

Are you in the market for snow melting systems, Winnipeg? Heavenly Heat is here to help. We have innovative systems that are silent, don’t emit any EMF and ones that are built for durability and flexible installation. Give us a call today for more information.