Snow Melting Systems Ottawa

If you are in the market for snow melting systems in Ottawa, Heavenly Heat is the first company you should contact. We are a company that is committed to the supply of the best snow melting systems for use on both residential and commercial properties. To better serve our customers, we are eager to understand the needs of a client before making a recommendation. We also stock systems that will hold up against the harsh Canadian winter. Thanks to customer reviews, we believe that our systems are the best you will find on the market when it comes to snow buildup prevention and removal. Our systems are also very affordable and gentle on your power consumption.

As a long-serving Canadian company, we understand firsthand how unpredictable and overwhelming the winters in Canada can be. We are also fully aware of how taxing and time consuming the removal of snow buildups throughout the winter season can be. Considering the buildup of snow on the outdoor space will lead to many problems to both the owner and the users, a reliable system for preventing the buildup is required. Some problems that are linked to snow buildups include injuries when people slip on the ice, delays because the car is stuck in the driveway and energy draining. It is imperative that you keep the high traffic areas free of obstructions including snow buildups. To save you time and ensure that the removal of snow on your property never steals your peace, we offer innovative snow melting systems for both residential and commercial properties.

At Heavenly Heat, we are committed to providing solutions that will help you get snow-free sidewalks and driveways easily. This is made possible by our electric snow melting systems in Ottawa. These systems will drastically reduce the snow on your outdoor space. After installing the snow melting system, you will never again need to deal with either salting or shoveling. The automatic system will turn on upon detecting precipitation and freezing temperatures on your outdoor surface. The system turns on when needed which means it is very energy efficient. Thanks to this automatic system, your workload will be reduced and you will enjoy increased safety on your outdoor space even after a night of snowstorms. In addition to that, it is good to note that this system will help extend the life of your outdoor surfaces. This is because it prevents frost and ice damage and also eliminates the need for using chemicals to melt the snow. The system offers many benefits in addition to saving you both time and money.

For more than a decade now, Heavenly Heat has been working hard to improve the lives of our customers by offering ingenious solutions for everyday challenges. We believe that the snow melting systems Ottawa will impress you thanks to the many benefits they offer. Contact us today and let us help you find the right snow melting system for your property.


Winter will always come each year and some winters are worse than others. You don’t want to be dealing with shoveling and salting every year. That is why an investment in the snow melting system is gaining a lot of popularity today. This is a system that offers a permanent solution to snow buildups. The system will improve the safety of the outdoor space by instantly providing relief from snow and ice. It will also increase your bottom line by reducing the costs that are linked with buying a snow clearing machine, hiring outside help or using chemicals.



Even for someone who is physically fit, clearing the walkways and driveways that are covered in snow can be quite treacherous. The task is difficult, requires a lot of energy and will take up a lot of your time. This is the reason that has seen many property owners invest in snow melting systems. The system provides a cost efficient way of getting rid of snow or ice from your driveways, sidewalks, emergency areas and parking areas among other outdoor spaces. You will never again have to get snow removal labor, shoveling or salting. You also get to avoid the liability that comes with personal injuries which result from slipping.

The snow melting system is automated. It will turn on when blowing or falling ice or when there is freezing on the surface. The programmable thermostat will turn on the heat to melt the snow and turn off when there is no freezing on your outdoor space. The fact that it is automated means that it only turns on when needed and remains off when the temperatures are right. It is hence light on your energy bills.

The programmable thermostat can be set for the snow melting system to remain on, monitoring a storm and turn off once the storm passes. The system will detect when precipitation starts and turn on the heat automatically when freezing is detected on the surface. The system can distinguish between rain and snowfall. The system will only run when the conditions are ideal for melting.

The installation of the snow melting systems in Ottawa must always be done by a licensed electrician. This is because the system has to be connected to the panel box and there are situations in which the existing power outlet might have to be upgraded to meet the power needs of the snow melting system. An experienced electrician is able to identify and address issues that may crop up due to an increase in power usage in your home.

Are you interested in the installation of the snow melting systems, Ottawa? Heavenly Heat has the most innovative systems for both residential and commercial properties. Our systems are energy efficient, silent, emit no EMF and built for durability. Give us a call today for more information.