Snow Melting Systems Calgary

Snow Melting for Heated Walkways & Paths

When it comes to snow melting systems in Calgary, Heavenly Heat is the go-to company. We are committed to providing the best snow melting systems for customers in the region. To meet the unique needs of our customers, our service includes listening to the unique needs and wishes of the clients. We also provide systems that can withstand the demand of the harshest Canadian winter. From the testimonials we have received from our customers and the reputation of the brands we work with, we believe that our systems are the best when it comes to snow removal and buildup prevention. We also offer the most cost-effective option in the market.

As one of the longest serving Canadian company, we fully understand the unpredictability and overwhelming nature of Canadian winters. We also understand firsthand how time-consuming and taxing it can be to remove constant snow buildups throughout the long winter months. Snow buildups on the outdoor space, may it be a commercial property or a residential home, can lead to myriad problems for the users and owners. Snow buildups will also lead to delays like getting the car stuck in the driveway after a heavy snowstorm or uncontrollable slipping on the ice. Although they are normal effects of snow buildups, they can lead to many problems such as energy draining, time wastage clearing the buildup and can also lead to serious injuries. Keeping the high traffic area free of snow and other obstructions is paramount.

Heavenly Heat provides a solution that will help you achieve a snow-free driveway and sidewalk effortlessly. This is all thanks to our electric snow melting systems in Calgary. Our innovative systems will instantly and drastically reduce the snow on your property. The systems ensure that you never again have to deal with salting and shoveling. The system is automatic and activates after detecting precipitation and freezing temperatures. This is a feature that makes this system energy efficient. It only turns on when needed. The snow melting system will reduce your workload, increase the overall safety on your property and also save you time. It efficiently eliminates snow buildup on your outdoor space. What is more is that the system will prolong the life of your outdoor surfaces by preventing ice and frost damage. This is a fundamental and cost-effective system that will bring a lot of savings for the household.

Over the past decade, Heavenly Heat has worked tirelessly to better the lives of our esteemed customers by providing solutions for everyday problems. We are confident that our snow melting systems Calgary will help you delight in the benefits that we can offer. Give us a call today and let us know about the type of snow melting system that you need. We will tailor the system to your needs.


The winter season will always come every year and some days will be worse than others. The installation of a snow melting system will offer the permanent solution you need for the recurring cold weather problems. Our system will improve safety on your outdoors by instantaneously offering relief from ice and snow and also increase the bottom line by reducing costs associated with the use of chemicals, hiring outside services and owning a snow clearing machine.



When driveways and walkways are covered in snow, clearing them can be treacherous even for the most physically fit individual. The task of manually clearing the outdoors is both tedious and time intensive. It is for this very reason that the snow melting systems are gaining more popularity today in both homes and businesses. They offer a cost-effective method of removing ice or snow from the sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, and the emergency areas. The systems completely eliminate the need for salting and snow removal labor. They also eliminate the liability that is linked to personal injuries.

The snow melting systems are all operated electronically. Whenever there is falling or blowing ice or freezing on the surface, the snow-ice detector will turn on automatically. The system has a thermostat that can be programmed to sense the temperatures on the surface and turn the heat on and off automatically. This means you never have to deal with exaggerated power bills or hills of snow in the morning after a snowstorm.

  • Perfect for parking lots, driveways, stairs, bridges, ramps and several other applications
  • Can be used in asphalt, stone, paver or concrete surfaces

With the programmable thermostat, the snow melting system will stay on, monitoring the storm and only turn off when the storm stops. When a period of precipitation starts, the system will turn on automatically. The programmable thermostat helps distinguish normal rain from snowfall. It is good to note that the temperature sensor only allows the system to run when the weather conditions are ideal for melting. The system will save energy because it will not operate unnecessarily.

For the best results when using the snow melting systems in Calgary, it is imperative that the system be installed by a licensed electrician. This is because the system taps into the panel box. At times, depending on the type of system that you end up installing, the power system that comes into the house may require that you upgrade the existing power outlets. It is for this reason that the whole installation must always be done by a professional who specializes in snow melting system installation. The expert should be able to identify as well as address problems that come up because of an increase in the power usage in the home.

Do you need snow melting systems, Calgary? Heavenly Heat offers innovative systems which require single point connection, have twin conductor cable, are silent, efficient and safe and also emits zero EMF. Our systems also allow for easy and flexible installation. They have a durable construction. Get in touch with us today to learn more.