Snow Melting Systems Safety

Snow melting mats and cables help in removing ice and snow build up in your driveway and rooftop. This way, you can avoid the risk of injury as it’s easy to slip on such surfaces. You can navigate your driveway without facing any obstruction.Shoveling and plowing both appear to leave remnant of ice, snow, and slush. The solution you need is a snow melting system.


The system is essentially a series of cables (i.e. easy snow melt cables) that are laced together. These cables utilize heat to melt snow and ice as soon as it is detected. The system will activate as soon as it detects moisture and sub-zero temperatures. This means it will run when it is required but will otherwise save energy when the weather is warm or when its winter but there is no snow or ice to melt. The system can be installed in driveways, stairs, pathways, patios, and more. It is an incredibly versatile and revolutionary system that is changing the way Canadians view snow disposal.


Regular removal of snow, slush, and ice is a must for any property to be safe in the winter season, and this is precisely what this system provides. Stairs with foreboding sheets of ice or driveways riddled with piles of slush can cause serious harm to yourself, your family, or any guests you may have. If you own a business, this threat could apply to the employees and clients that visit your property. These hazards will not only lead to unwanted slips and falls but can also hinder driving as well. A lack of traction can cause an accident, can cause cars to get stuck, and can cause cars to slip and swerve.

Installing a snow melting system can help remedy all of these risks since your property’s buildup of snow and ice will finally be done away with. As soon as the snow falls or the rain comes down and freezes, your automated system will be ready to take care of the problem.


Even plows and shovels can leave behind large traces of ice and snow. These methods of disposal can make a driveway or walkway functional but are unlikely to make it legitimately safe. Using large amounts of salt each year can take care of most remnants while adding some extra traction. On the other hand, spreading salt costs time and money and is not the most ideal way to clear a surface. Salt can damage clothing and vehicles and can even be tracked indoors to make a mess. With electric snow melting system, you have even safer walkways and driveways without any of the cleanup afterwards.

Do you feel like your property is a safety hazard during those frosty months of the year? Contact Heavenly Heat for help with making it safe all year-round!