Snow Melting System For Slippery Stairs

In the winter, your house stairs can be a threat. Having quality snow melting mats and cables installed on your stairs helps to remove the snow and ice build-ups, which makes the place safe for your family. Even tried and true snow disposal methods such as shoveling and salting can leave residual slush and moisture. The optimal way to get your stairs perfectly clean and dry is to install snow melting system.


An electric snow melting system is a series of wires that will heat up to clear any and all snow or ice. They use a sensor to detect precipitation and cold temperatures so that they will only be enabled when there is frozen precipitation building up. The fact that the system uses heat allows it to completely dry the stairs whereas other methods will typically leave moisture until the surface is exposed to a very large amount of sunlight. As well, the system is superior because it doesn’t make a mess like salt but provides a comparatively clean look instead.


The wires can be installed on top of your pre-existing concrete stairs through a relatively simple process. The cables only need to be fastened down on top of the steps and then you need to install a material on top of the steps from there. This could be tile, marble, granite, or many other compatible materials. This can be a great way for making your stairs safe in the winter while also providing you with an opportunity to revamp their overall look. Once the installation is done, your stairs should be able to repel snow, ice, and other winter moisture without any issues.


The answer to this question is a resounding yes. If your walkways or driveways are also more dangerous than would you like in the winter, you can have snow melting system installed in these locations as well. You may want to consider having the system installed in multiple areas for the increased safety benefit but also primarily for consistency. Sometimes it easy to slip on a surface just because the moisture transition from dry to wet is so sudden. If your stairs are perfectly dry while your walkway is covered in slush, someone could let their guard down and slip when they take their first step off of the stairs. Those that opt to only install a system on their stairs should take care to maintain the other walking areas as well.

Are you struggling with a slippery set of stairs every time the winter rolls around? Maybe you’re having a larger problem with driveway buildup? Whatever the problem may be, a snow melting system is capable of making nearly any surface on your property safe again. Contact Heavenly Heat for more information on how you can take advantage of this cutting edge snow disposal system!