Investing in a walkway and stairs heating system can save you a lot. You can shop for many affordable and safe heating systems in the market. Keep your family secure and safe from the risk of slipping by installing a quality de-icing system.

Even a single misstep can result in a severe fall causing injuries that you’d want to avoid at all costs. And contrary to popular notion, using salt isn’t always the smartest idea because when used continually, Salt begins to damage the masonry. Not to forget that as people enter your premises, it will get carried inside eventually damaging the carpet floor or even the entryway.

Heating the driveway or the stairs is a much simpler and more effective method of de-icing it and keeping your visitors and family safe at all times.


Heated walkways are perfect for both residential as well as commercial properties. And there are different types of electrical snow melting products that can be used in walkways, stairs, access ramps and pathways. It works in similar fashion to in-floor heating products installed indoor. Heat energy is transmitted upwards which melts the snow and ice build-up, providing your visitors and family members with safe ingress and egress.

Snow Melting products are flexible and can be installed under a variety of surfaces. They can be laid in sand, crushed gravel or mortar under pavers, concrete and asphalt.


There are different types of electrical snow melting products that are specially designed for outdoor applications. Your choice of product depends on the amount of snow/ice that is typically experienced in the area, the frequency at which the system will be run, your budget, the type of installation you prefer and the paver material.

You can choose from electrical snow melting cables or snow melting mats. Hydronic systems are not typically installed in outdoor applications. However, if you wish to install one, then it will be using copper tubing or cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) with a liquid treated with antifreeze. This will then be connected to a boiler with either automatic or manual controls.


A snow melting mat or cable is specifically designed for use outdoors and is completely safe. The system consists of a heating cable that have a dual, multi strand heating element insulated completely in Fluoropolymer. This core is further protected with a woven metalbraid and also an outer jacket of PVC. This makes it an extremely sturdy choice that is well protected.


The cost varies according to the type of system you choose. But to get an estimate, it would be a good idea to calculate your total square footage and ask for a free estimate from the product manufacturer. Since a properly installed snow melting mat or cable is able to keep snow and ice away from the driveway by keeping the temperature just at 32 Degrees, it is not considered to be expensive to run.