Radiant Floor Heating Systems Warranties

Radiant Floor Heating

Electric in floor heating systems are some of the most efficient and reliable types of heating you can have for your home, but what if it breaks? When you are looking at installing one of these systems you probably are not really thinking about years from now when something could go wrong, but you should. While they are reliable and very efficient something could still break, and if it does that means ripping up a portion or all of your flooring to fix the issue. With that in mind, should you care about the kind of warranty offered by the manufacturer of your system? In short, absolutely. There are a few aspects to a warranty to consider before making such a large purchase.

Kind Of Warranty

Not all systems will have the exact same warranty, and that is because not all systems are the same. The kind of warranty offered to you by the manufacturer will often take into consideration things like the kind of system you have, the parts involved in making it work, the complexity of your installation and so on. Hydronic systems consist of so many components, and each of those pieces has a different warranty associated with it. For example, the pump moving water into the tubes might have a lifetime warranty but the piece to warm the water might only be ten years. The majority of the parts for electric systems are covered under lifetime warranties, but those systems are usually less complex than hydronic ones. Overall the longer the warranty, the better because fixing any part to your under floor heating requires lifting your floor which is major headache for you down the road.

Kind Of Company

Even if multiple companies offer the same length of warranty it doesn’t mean they are offering the same warranty. You should review and consider the kind of support and service offered by each company before making a decision. While they both might be lifetime warranties one company might not have 24/7 on call service while the other one does. These small details seem trivial now but should something go wrong they could make a big difference.

Kind Of Reviews

A company can provide you with as much documentation about their warranties as they want but if their customers are not happy it doesn’t matter. Do some research before making this purchase. The documents might seem like it is exactly what you are looking for but if independent reviews tell you the customer service does not live up to its expectations or that the warranty process is so time consuming and exhausting it makes you almost want to fix it yourself then maybe the company isn’t worth purchasing from. Independent reviews from real customers will give you more insight into the company than any of its publications will.

radiant in floor heating Toronto is a major purchase for your home and since it involves ripping up your floor to install you want to make sure you are covered if something goes wrong. The warranty on this purchase is very important, just like you would want a good warranty when buying a brand new car; read over the fine print very carefully and make sure you are comfortable with the terms, conditions, service and support offered by the company you are buying from. If you do not like the warranty they offer, or do not feel comfortable with the timeline of their warranty then there are lots of other companies out there to review so don’t be afraid to walk away if you are not comfy. After all, this is your home and your life so it has to work for you.