Radiant Floor Heating: What It Means When Reselling Your House

Radiant Floor Heating

At any one time, the market for houses tends to have more supply than demand. The result is that homeowners end up selling their houses for less than they had bargained, and that’s if they are lucky. For the unlucky ones, no sale happens. Owing to foreclosures and tighter credit limitations for mortgages, a lot of homeowners are getting the raw deal when they decide to sell their homes.

Toe Kick Heaters

The best thing about toe kick heaters is that they require less work because they are not installed underneath the marble tiles. If you have a small bathroom that has a vanity, toe kick heaters are a good choice since you simply have to install the unit at the base of the vanity sink cabinet. The downside of toe kick heaters is that there is usually a lot of electrical work required to get them installed. Usually the heaters are 120-volt, so tapping into an existing circuit might be sufficient. However, it is best to involve a licensed electrician to do the electrical work.

Home Renovation

As such, many home owners have decided to raise the curb appeal of their homes with the hope that they can fetch higher prices. Typically, a homeowner will renovate their bathroom and kitchen before they sell it with the intention of making it more attractive to potential buyers. Unfortunately, in today’s over-supplied housing market, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom just will not cut it anymore.

Real estate agents have started to advise homeowners to consider installing radiant floor heating in their homes if they want to fetch better value for their homes. According to surveys carried out, one in five buyers considers radiant heating a desired luxury when looking to buy a new home. In simple terms, 20 percent of homeowners will gravitate towards your house if you have installed radiant heating.

Floor Heating Systems in Toronto

Whether you are talking condos or townhouses, radiant heating is turning out to be a hot selling point in the housing market. What’s more, you stand to gain the benefits of having in-floor heating installed in your house. For instance, did you know it costs approximately 16 cents a day to heat a master bedroom if you have radiant heating? Well now you do.

There are two main reasons, therefore, why homeowners will choose radiant heating: comfort and efficiency.

The energy used for radiant heating is approximately two-thirds of what is required for forced air heating. Already you will have decreased your utility costs. What’s more, you stand to save more from the tax breaks that you will get when you switch to radiant heating.

Radiant Heating

Since radiant heating does not have air ducts as is the case with central forced air heating, you will not have to worry about dust mites blown into your home. This encourages a healthy lifestyle and it means that you will not have to worry about allergies brought about by the same. Electric radiant heat also provides healthy absorption that is good for the skin. It will be as if you are basking in the sun while in the comfort of your home.

A home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life. It is therefore important to ensure that this investment retains its value, such that you are able to resell it for what you bought it for, if not higher. It is also necessary to ensure that the home you live in meets your needs to ensure your comfort. Radiant heating is a solution that offers both and at very pocket friendly prices.

If you haven’t already, you need to start thinking of installing heated floors in your home.