How To Prepare Your Home For A Cold Winter

Driveway Heating

Floor & Driveway Heating For The Winter

It is the same every year. As winter approaches, there is a mad scramble around neighborhoods to put final preparations in place just to ensure that everything is ready for the invariable snow storms that lie ahead.

we at Heavenly Heat have come up with a few tasks we think essential for each household to undertake before winter really sets in – and yes, a driveway heating system is one of the things we think you should consider. It pays to be prepared as rain, snow, sleet and ice can wreck your property if preparations are done poorly or not done at all!

Roofs And Gutters

Often overlooked, roofs and gutters can become a haven for ice if not prepared correctly. Of most concern are ice dams. These form when melting snow from the room slides down only to refreeze further down the slope. This generally happens from the hot air rising from a central heating system which settles near the highest point of your roof.

This barrier can then trap water between the ice that has moved and the snow above it. Should your roof have any cracks or similar problems, the water can then seep into the roof seams, eventually creating cracks that let water seep into your home. It is important therefore to clear out gutters before winter as they can amplify the problem. To prevent this issue, rake your roof in-between snow storms, have a company come and clean it after major storms and ensure that your attic is properly insulated to prevent ice from forming. De-icing cables installed on your roof will help although one of the best solutions is installing radiant floor heating. This does not cause heat pockets to form at the top of your ceiling which means the ice will not melt in the first place.

Sprinklers And Garden Pipes

Consider draining all outside pipes and adding some form of anti-freeze to them before temperatures drop below zero. Also, remember to disconnect any fittings that might freeze shut.

For indoor pipes, consider leaving the heat on in your home at a very low setting. This will prevent freezing. If you are doing this, find an economical heating system such as radiant floor heating. If you do not have this form of heating, consider leaving the water running at a slight trickle to prevent it from freezing. Alternatively, wrap your pipes using a variety of products from heating tape, insulation tape, sleeves made from foam or special fiberglass insulation.

Prepare Driveways

One major area of concern during winter are driveways. These must be prepared thoroughly before a snowstorm using de-icing pellets, sand or salt. Once the storm is over, try to shovel the snow away immediately before it can start to melt and turn to ice. At Heavenly Heat, we offer a far simpler method which won’t break the bank. A driveway heating system is a perfect way to stop snow from collecting on your driveway as it melts it straight away. These systems are extremely efficient and cost effective. If you are sick of moving snow, speak to one of our experts about a driveway heating system for your home.

Prepare Your Garden

Finally, remember to get your garden ready. You can do this by covering plants, flowers and shrubs before the cold winds set in. This also helps to prevent the roots from freezing. Many different insulators are available depending on the type of plants you wish to protect. Place a layer of mulch which forms an insulation barrier for the plants. Only unwrap everything in springtime.