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Energy efficient, automatically varies its power output in response to pipe temperature changes.

Pipe Freeze Prevention - Energy Efficient Technology


Easy to install, can be cut to any length (up to max circuit length) required on site with no wasted cable.

Pipe Freezing Prevention / Easy to Insltall


Lower installed cost than steam tracing, less maintenance expense and less downtime.

Pipe Freezing Prevention / Low Cost

Prevent Pipe Freezing with Self Regulating Cable / HTR

HTR is UL listed self-regulating parallel heating cable (heating tape) is designed for a variety of industrial applications and environments, including hazardous and non-hazardous. It can be used for plastic or metal pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance of pipes, tanks, valves.


Self Regulating Cable - Pipe TracingHeavenly Heat is pleased to provide professional quality pipe tracing in Toronto. Our system of self – regulating heating cables will ensure that your household does not fall victim to the inconvenience and damages caused by frozen pipes during the wintertime. Pipe freezing is a common issue amongst Canadian households during winter times — however, it is one that is completely avoidable if the correct measures are taken. Heavenly Heat’s pipe tracing system aims to provide exactly that for our customers — an easy to install, effective and affordable pipe freeze prevention system that will eliminate the threat of pipe freezing once and for all.

Frozen pipes have the ability to cause great disruption to the functions of any household, and can even cause thousands of dollars in repairs if the situation is serious. While sometimes frozen pipes are just a small issue that an be fixed by applying heat to the affected area — usually though a hot towel or hair dryer — the damage may be done internally and cannot be easily detected. The weakened infrastructure can lead to more serious damages the next time the pipe freezes — the expansion of the frozen water within the pipe can cause cracks and leaks in the pipe, and even for the pipe to burst in some scenarios. This can lead to the replacement of that whole section of piping and even more repairs to the rest of the system, done to the chain effect of damage done to the entire infrastructure. Fortunately, all of this can be easily avoided by taking a few careful measures.

Heavenly Heat’s pipe tracing system consists of self–regulating cables that are wrapped around the water pipes in a household at regular intervals. The system works by monitoring the temperature of the external environment, and activating only when necessary, thus saving homeowners from excess heating bills. The cables apply heat to the pipes when needed, preventing them from ever freezing and causing any disruption to the household.

pipe-tracing-applicationPipe tracing is an excellent and superior way to prevent pipe freezing when compared to other methods. Firstly, most pipe freezing solutions are just that — solutions that are used to fix the problem once it has occurred. Solutions that consist of applying heat to the frozen pipes does not prevent the inconvenience and damage that has already been done — they are just ways to restore to the system’s infrastructure. With pipe tracing, the issue of freezing pipes become a non–factor because the system prevents it from ever happening. A pipe tracing system is a proactive approach to the problem, ensuring that the pipes in your household remain healthy and undamaged by the effects of freezing.

With our pipe tracing system, you can rest assured that the pipes in your home are secured against the threats of the Canadian winter. Don’t let the cold affect the arteries of your home and invest in the best pipe tracing system in Toronto, courtesy of Heavenly Heat.