Penny Tiles Design Ideas For Modern Homes

When they were introduced, penny tiles were used for flooring only. Today, homeowners are using penny tiles to transform their backsplashes and accent walls to dramatic and inviting spaces. This is one of those design ideas that can effortlessly uplift any given room regardless of its original style. Here are a few design ideas using penny tiles that you can implement.


Perhaps the best way to describe penny tiles is using their size. These tiles are quite small, generally ¾ inch or 1 inch in diameter. The spaces in between the penny tiles is usually filled with grout. They usually come in two types – machine made penny tiles and hand-made penny tiles. The machine-made penny tiles are relatively cheaper than bespoke penny tiles. Good thing with having your tiles customized for you is that you can fit them in any given space and be sure they’ll complement the overall design of the home.


The quickest way to transform your kitchen space is to use the penny tiles on your backsplash. Opt for bright, brilliant and sustainable tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. Consider the theme of your kitchen as well as the color scheme that will blend with the other elements in the space. Good thing with penny tile backlashes is that they are very durable. This is because the tiles are really small so they are not as prone to damage or cracks as the other bigger tiles when installed on backsplashes or floors.


Penny tiles can be a great option if you want to transform your bathroom while maintaining its laid-back appeal. You can simply pick penny tiles that come in neutral colors like white, brown and light blue. The main advantage of using penny tiles in bathrooms is that they come in very many textures and patterns. You can even choose to mix penny tiles that have different textures in your backsplash. This will give the space a very interesting appearance.


You don’t have to use penny tiles alone, you can also combine them with other tiles especially if your space has a traditional or vintage theme. Just choose a pattern that is consistent for the smaller and larger tiles to make sure you don’t overwhelm the space.

Add color, pattern and more to any space

Penny tiles don’t have to be confined to the kitchen and bathroom spaces only. There are many other places where you can use this design element to add a dramatic look and statement to your home. For instance, you can install the penny tiles on your fireplace face and you’ll give it an instant charm. You can even have penny tiles on the accent walls on your bedroom. These small elements can add an undeniable charm that forces anyone who steps in the room to take notice. Just choose penny tiles that are visually appealing and blend with the radiance and texture of the room.