Oddly Remarkable Flooring Materials to Spice up Your Home

If you are looking for interesting and unique ways to spice up the look of your home, these unorthodox flooring materials are bound to impress. Whether DIY or manufactured, these unique flooring materials are definitely worth trying out, even if not in your entire house but for accent rooms like bathrooms, basements, kitchens and attics.


The Faux hardwood idea is quite different from engineered hardwood; it is actually based on plain old plywood floors. If you already have a plywood floor installed and want to give it a new look, you can go in with a coat or two of latex paint and apply a contrasting color topcoat using a wood graining tool to imitate the look of real hardwood planks. Add polyurethane sealer and you are good to go.


Ting flooring is all about recycling and reuse. What better way to reuse old belts than on floor covering panels. The reclaimed belts are trimmed down to make them identical in thickness, they are glued to panels and laid down like tiles or planks and finished off with a top coat to smoothen out. Reclaimed belts can be used on walls too!


This might just be the biggest DIY project of your life. Take inspiration from mosaic artist, Amanda Edwards, who covered her entire kitchen floor in pennies individually glued to the floor. The pennies were finished with black sanded grout and polyurethane sealant to give the stunning copper look.


Not manufactured cork flooring but DIY cork flooring, you can gather up wine corks from friends and nearby wineries. Cork flooring is a sustainable building material since it comes to renewable sources. The wine corks are glued down to the floor and fastened using finishing nails.


McKay flooring use authentic whisky barrels with all the old markings and stamps to create reclaimed wood flooring. This manufactured flooring material is easy to maintain and generally will require refinishing and polishing to maintain its glossy finish.


Collect bottle caps from your favorite beverages, and you can create a colorful floor mosaic. It takes about 120 bottle caps to make one square foot of the colorful mosaic. You can get bottle caps from local restaurants and bars. Setting the bottle caps in thin set mortar and filling in the spaces with sanded grout makes the material quite sturdy. Top off with a floor sealant and your DIY project is complete.


If you have a flair for dazzle and glamour then you will love this glitter concrete flooring material. You can recreate this amazing floor surface by tossing sparkly craft store glitter on epoxy paint to have this glitzy finish. This DIY idea makes for a fun project for the entire family. Tossing the glitter into the air and allowing it to flutter down creates a much more even spread than sprinkling it right on the concrete.