New Trends in Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is increasingly becoming popular due to a number of factors. It is a highly durable option with great aesthetic effects and cost saving benefits. For those who have always desired a feel of various flooring options this is a fitting alternative. It is also easy to install and does not mess the area. With easy cleaning and maintenance, it is easy to see why laminate flooring has become a popular flooring trend in recent years. Here are some top trends with laminate flooring to try and spice up your home with.


One of the ways you can combine the sleekness of the laminate flooring and the expected warmth of hardwood feel is through floor heating. While providing the floor and room with even heating, heated floors also ensure there is no moisture damage and mould build up. You do not have to fear about the risk of warping since the temperatures are much lower than what the floor is exposed to by radiation directly from the sun.


One huge advantage of laminate flooring is the diversity is has in terms of materials mimicked and the patterns available. In terms of hardwood, you have all kinds from oak, cedar to aspen, hickory and walnut and many African hardwood species that are also becoming largely popular.

It is not just trees that are available. Laminate can also mimic several other floor surfaces like stone. You can add the smooth or rough look of stone flooring form the several stone look laminates available from different manufacturers at a lesser cost than the real stone. Brick patterns are also becoming a popular trend in laminate flooring. Kitchens and entryways are some of the places where the mystic and rustic look of brick adds a great touch and foundation for all other decorations. While laminate may not be the real authentic material, it offers the advantage of a smooth, easy to clean and step on surface.


Everything is nowadays judged by its effect to health and the environment. Laminate manufacturing companies have realised this and with new technology they have removed ingredients harmful to the environment and human health like melanin resin which releases formaldehyde in the air. You should ask the contractor for safer options.

Working with laminate ensures you also contribute in efforts to save hardwood forests many of which take several years to mature.

Installation of laminate flooring is very easy and most DIY lovers can handle it without professional help. There is a tutorial and guide. However, in case you are going to install radiant heating it is better to have a professional driveway heating systems company come and help you set up the structure from the onset. The company can also help you install snow melting systems that will save you the hard job of shovelling snow. Such systems also offer great protection of the driveway preventing cracking.