New Kitchen Trends: Hottest Color Combinations to Liven up Your Kitchen

The kitchen somehow is always forgotten when it comes to staying trendy and trying out new ideas. Once all the equipment and furniture is set then everything is good to go with usual monotones of colors and at times even that is forgotten resulting in dull or clashing color schemes. There is so much you can easily achieve using the floor, furniture and kitchen equipment and a little color combination. Here are some hot color trends to try out in your home kitchen whether settling in a new house or doing a kitchen renovation.


Brown has been a favorite color for many giving the kitchen place some earthy feel and atmosphere. You can add some bright and steel a grounded feel by combining gray and brown. You can have the brown on furniture like the drawers, cabinets and cupboards. Then have strips of gray tiles on the wall and have the floor with whatever gray material you want for a perfect mix. You get a stunning look but in a discreet way as no color dominates the other.


This is an interesting color combination as it is both unique and simple to achieve. Bring some element of nature with lighter shades of green if you are looking to achieve lighter hues and for a perfect match with silver. There many places you can play with green from counter tops, the kitchen drawers and a strip of tiles just above the tops. You can then add a sparkling dash of silver on the kitchen electronics from the oven doors and burner, fridge, the handles and knobs and shutters and go for pretty much stainless steel hardware and utensils.


If you want a color scheme to match a bold personality then go for this one. The red color is a favorite in many kitchens but you can break its dominating presence with an equally strong white for a powerful color combination that sets a great tone and works romance on your lighting. Get red walls and all white cabinets and tops for starters.


This is another surprising combination that is also very subtle in its effectiveness. You get to use the mysterious and stability of black with the soothing tones of blue. You can try matching blue cabinets with black countertops. These color combination also allows the use of other deep colors with nothing seeming out of place.


This is a classic color combination which works just about everywhere so you can as well experiment it in your kitchen. Go for an all-black cabinetry and match it with white counter tops. You can use either sleek white hardware or just stick to stainless steel silver hues.


You can achieve a luxurious feel to your kitchen with this kind of color tones. Get backsplash tiles and match them with black cabinetry for a crisp clean look. Using straight lines on the furniture further enhances the colors and jewelry feel.