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Why Is Radiant Floor Heating So Efficient?

Radiant Floor Heating Technology

It is pretty common to hear that radiant in floor heating Toronto adds warmth unlike any other heating system to your home, and it provides serious savings in terms of operational costs but have you ever wondered just how efficient it actually is? This kind of heating system is really unique in how it operates to keep your home comfortable, and it definitely will provide you cost savings over the lifetime of your home.  Radiant heat keeps your home at a very even and comfortable temperature, and here is an explanation of how it is able to do so and what makes the system itself so efficient.

It Radiates Heat . . . Literally

Underfloor heating creates what is known as radiant heat, and that kind of heat is distributed evenly under the entire surface of the floor. It also will heat a room evenly without overheating because it heats from the floor up. This kind of heating system turns the entire floor of a room into a surface heater resulting in a much more consistent and comfortable experience, without any cold spots in the room. Since this kind of heating is so consistent once it has warmed an area it takes very little to keep it at that temperature so it isn’t always generating heat, like a furnace would, and this is what helps to make it such an efficient way of heating your home.

It Cannot Do It Alone, Though

A big part of what makes radiant heating so efficient relies on another factor in your home: insulation. For this system to be as efficient as it can be you have to have a sufficient level of insulation in your home. Any kind of energy efficient heating system is only fully beneficial when insulation has been factored in because good insulation equates to low operational costs. You should also consider insulating more than just the subfloor in any room this system is installed in so that you have minimal heat loss and the room, or area, is energy efficient.

It Is All About Control

By installing a thermostat in any area of your home that has this kind of heating you can take control of the heat settings so you know exactly what temperature the area is set to. Most radiant floor heating systems are programmable so settings can be adjusted based on occupancy or only when desired, which is truly the key to saving on costs.

Radiant floor heating provides very natural and comfortable warmth, but it is also incredibly efficient. The systems are designed to work naturally so that they are heating the rooms, and are able to maintain the temperature, with very little effort. One of the best things about radiant floor heating is that once a temperature is achieved in an area it stays that way and occupants do not experience hot or cold spots in their home; it’s even everywhere. Under floor heating is not a new concept but the systems have come a long way and are worth the investment in your home, so if you are considering installing one of these systems it is highly recommended you do both for your wallet and for the environment.