Is Investing In Heated Driveways Worth It?

Investing in Heated Driveways

Snow melting systems are very crucial for winter when snow and ice is expected to build up on driveways. They provide an easy and convenient way of keeping the paths clear when it snows. It also cuts out on labor. However, even with such huge benefits arising from heated driveways, many property owners are still reluctant to install them. This is because most think that the cost is too high and thus not worth investing in.

Though installation may be high, the system could actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Below are some of the end benefits that can help decide whether heated driveways are a worthwhile investment:

Eliminates the need for deicers, salt and other chemicals to combat snow

With a heated driveway, you will no longer need to use salt to melt the snow on your driveway. Salt can be destructive to concrete, bricks and stone. It will cause cracks, corrosion and discolor the surfaces. The damage caused by salt will reduce the lifespan of your driveway. A quality snow melting system will not produce such negative effects meaning you will not have to spend on repairs for a long period.

Salt may also destroy the vegetation along the driveway. You will have to get rid of the destroyed vegetation and plant fresh plants which will need time to mature. As such, it’s better to protect the mature ones by going for heated driveways.


With heated pavements, you will no longer have to hire snow removal or plow services to care for the pavements during winter. Depending on where you live, the services may cost up to thousands of dollars each year. It also saves you the hustle of finding and hiring reputable people to do the job for you.

Since the system works automatically or with the press of a button, snow and ice will be cleared from the driveways with minimal disruptions. You will not have to put your business on hold to clear off the pavements.


Heated driveways reduce the risks of slips and falls. As you strain to sweep off the ice you may strain your body, fall and even injure yourself. Snow removal systems keep you and other people using the driveway safe. This reduces your medical bills, lost working hours and chances of lawsuits. Lawsuits from slip and fall accidents in your premises may cost you a lot of money. You may be forced to compensate your visitors for their medical bills and lost income arising from the injury.

The safety of your premises will also lower your home or property insurance premium

Heated driveways might seem costly to install, but it’s a worthwhile investment. You will pay less insurance premiums, save time and stay safe. If you live in high snowfall regions, you ought to treat this as a necessity.