How to Heat Your Cold Bedroom above the Garage

Radiant Floor Heating

One of the most common issues that homeowners encounter is a cold room above the garage. This room could be an office, a bedroom, or any other space. If a particular room above your garage tends to be cold, especially during winter, you are not alone. During winter, it is challenging to heat any room located above the garage. It is also hard to cool a room located above the garage during summer. The continuous flow of cold air eventually encounters the bottom of the floor, and makes it hard to keep rooms situated over the garage warm.

Builders often make efforts by installing numerous layers of insulation under the floor at the construction stage. However, cold air always penetrates through the layers of insulation into the floors above the garage. With time, the fiberglass insulation is likely to come off due to the continuous effects of gravity. When the insulation falls off, more cold air penetrates through the floor making the bedroom above the garage cold.

Is it even possible to keep a bedroom above the garage warm?

You need to be aware that an-over-the garage bedroom will require much more heating to keep it warm compared to other rooms in your home. Most of the exterior walls of this bedroom are exposed to the harsh conditions of outdoor weather conditions. Other rooms are likely to share some walls with the adjoining rooms. Therefore, other rooms are not expected to be as cold as the bedroom over the garage.

The good news is that there is a solution for the extremely cold bedroom above the garage. The solution is not as complicated as you would think:

In-floor radiant heating system

To keep the bedroom warm, consider installing an in-floor radiant heating system. This system will help radiate heat from the floor to warm up the entire room. Electric radiant heating systems radiate enough heat. The heat will not just heat up the air in your room but also warm other items in the room. The system will produce uniform and well-balanced heat that will spread throughout the entire room.


After investing in a radiant floor heating system, ensure that you also invest in effective insulation material. Acquire an insulating underlayment, which will offer a thermal break. The insulation will help you prevent the heat from escaping into the cold subfloor beneath the bedroom. Other than keeping your bedroom warm, a radiant floor heating system will help to lower your overall energy bills.

Radiant panels

If you have installed a radiant floor heating system and fitted the right insulation and the bedroom is still cold, you should consider another solution. Radiant panels may help keep the bedroom above the garage warm and cozy.  You can mount the radiant panels on the walls of your bedroom in a stylish way. Radiant panels use the same technology as underfloor heating and wet central heating system. The panels use Far Infrared heating (FIR). The same way your body absorbs heat from the sun is the same way the items in your room will absorb heat from the radiant panels.

You do not have to vacate your over-the-garage bedroom because of the cold. There is a solution for you.