Are Electric Heated Floors Safe?

Electric Heater Floors

Is there anything else more important than the safety of your family? It’s completely logical to do your due diligence and be aware of the potential risks prior to the installation of new devices and appliances in your home. Given the increasing popularity of in floor heat systems, most homeowners who intend to install them are concerned about the safety aspect. To most people, cables, electricity, and pipes running warm water around homes doesn’t sound like a safe combination to be installed under their feet.

Yes, Electric Heated Floors Are Safe

The good thing is that you’re not the only person worried about the safety of electric heated floors. Different manufacturers thought about it long before you did. They integrated various safety features to address all the potential risks of an electric shock or setting the entire floor on fire.

Electric Shocks

Are you worried about electric shocks? Well, if you intend to install an electric floor heater in your home, electric shocks are an impossibility. This is because the cables installed have undergone a rigorous R&D process and have been declared a safe product by the experts. It’s also wise to get the installation done by a professional to assess any possible risk.

Besides, it’s important to acquire the heating system from a manufacturer that tests every heater at 5000 volts before shipping it. The wires must be surrounded by a sheath that directs any current leakage away from your floor. This eliminates any possibility of an electric shock even when there is a leakage. Note that the heating cable must be cULus-approved: these cables meet all the highest safety standards and are easy to install. Purchasing the right cable means that you can get the desired in-floor heat safely.

Maximum Temperature

Many floor heating systems never reach extremely high temperatures. This is because every system has a maximum temperature setting. In many cases, this limit is 40 degrees Celsius or less, which is only slightly higher than your body temperature. Therefore, there is no risk of the heating cables catching fire.

Circuit Breakers

You may be wondering if for some reason, the PVC out jacked gets compromised, would it pose a risk of an electric shock or a short circuit. Well, there is no risk because the heating also has an inbuilt ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) circuit breaker that will automatically cut-off the power once a breach is detected.

Electric Heated Floors Are Also Safe For People With Allergies

Another benefit of using electric heated floors is that the heat radiating from the floor enhances comfort levels in your home and ensures a better air quality as opposed to other heating options. The underfloor heating method uses the heat radiation concept to warm the ‘bodies’ in the room rather than the air. That means the heating system keeps the air fresh while warming you up.

Generally, underfloor heating systems are designed to operate safely particularly if you follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines during installation and regular maintenance.