Gravel Driveway Maintenance

Gravel Driveway Maintenance

Gravel driveways are very common since they are inexpensive to put up. Homeowners also get to choose between different colors, shapes and sizes of finely crushed gravel. Gravel driveways are quick and easy to install and are not labor intensive compared to concrete. Their popularity also stems from the low maintenance costs. Since gravel is porous, it can be used for driveways in areas with cooler climates. This is because there is no risk when water changes into ice. Asphalt and concrete may not be a good choice because they tend to freeze when it is cold, causing the surfaces to become slippery. This never happens with gravel.

Another great benefit of gravel that many people overlook is security. Gravel makes some noise when people and vehicles pass over it. Thus it is difficult for someone to trespass to your premises without you noticing. Footprints and tire tracks are left behind and these can be used to track the trespasser.


Even though it is cost effective to install, it is essential to care and maintain your gravel driveway to keep it looking good and allow it to last for a long period. If you have a gravel driveway you have to use a weed cleaner to keep weeds away. Weeds grow regularly on gravel driveways; as such if you don’t take the necessary precaution, you will soon have vegetation on your driveway.

Another maintenance tip for gravel driveways is raking regularly. Raking helps to keep the driveway level. Don’t wait for too long before you rake as this will make the task more difficult. If you postpone raking for months, it will take you more than a day to complete the task. So make it at least a weekly task to keep things even without much hustle.


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Raking helps to keep the driveway level and it also prevents and solves the issue of potholes. Many people don’t like gravel driveways because of the hustle of dealing with potholes. However, this is something that you can easily deal with and prevent. Whenever you see some potholes, rake the driveway and fill the holes with sand. Also remember to replace the gravel now and then.


Water can also be an issue when it comes to gravel driveways. If your drainage is not okay, then water can wreck your driveway. You can handle this by adding more gravel so that the driveway is higher than the surrounding areas. The other solution is to install a gutter to redirect water away from the gravel.


Driving fast on a gravel driveway can displace the loose gravel. It may also throw off the bigger pieces into the yard. As such, if you don’t watch your driving speed, you will end up with thinned out areas in the driveway. So watch your driving speed and probably slow down a little when you reach the driveway.

Snow hits homeowners hard especially when it collects on the driveway. Therefore consider some hustle free ways to deal with it including snow melting systems, heated floors, floor heating and driveway heating systems.