FLOR Carpet Tiles For Modern And Stylish Homes

Ever heard about the FLOR carpet design tiles? These are unique and versatile carpet tiles that any modern homeowner needs to consider. Other than providing interior designers with countless design options, these modular carpet tiles are durable, easy to clean and replace. You can install them if you have children or pets because they quite easy to keep clean. Most importantly, they are perfectly suited for modern and stylish homes.


One of the main reasons why FLOR is growing in popularity over the years is due to its design possibilities. You can use these carpet tiles in your wall-to-wall design or even create some unique rugs and runners for your living area. Good thing with the tiles is that you don’t always have to hire an installer. You can always do it yourself. However, an experienced installer will make sure the tiles are nicely placed and neatly arranged in the given space.


If you would like to stick to a single tone look with FLOR, you’ll still find so many options to choose from. You can choose carpet tiles that feature the neutral tones if you want to keep it simple and laid-back. The other great idea would be to mix and match different patterns. For eco-friendly homeowners, FLOR is an ideal option since the material is made using recycled products. Should you ever want to get rid of the carpet tiles, you can simply send them back to the company for recycling at their own expense.


FLOR also came up with a brand-new line of ready rugs. These items are usually most ideal for homeowners who want to upgrade the look of their flooring without spending too much time on installation. You can select a colorful ready rug for a space like living room. They have a lot of unique designs with color palettes that add an instant dose of life in any given room.

Ready rugs are usually ideal for rooms such as the children’s play area or bedroom. They’ll help to keep the area warm underfoot and also add vibrancy and color in the kids space.


The other amazing option would be to have your own customized carpet tiles from FLOR. Interior designers have used FLOR carpet design squares to create very inspirational designs that blend perfectly well with the rest of the space. You can combine different colors and patterns to create a rug that is extra fabulous. Customers who choose to piece out their own custom design using pieces of ready rugs can enjoy the ease of installation and user-friendly features of these carpet tiles.

What’s even more important is that FLOR offers a very reliable and kind customer service. When you visit their stores, you will be shown all the design options available and even get help choosing an ideal design for your home. Try out this unique flooring material and you’ll instantly transform your indoor space.