Flooring Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

Flooring Ideas

Outdoor flooring presents its own unique set of challenges. But just because the floor will be exposed to the harsh elements doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look the part. Add style to your patio, deck or driveway by incorporating any of the following flooring ideas.


Good thing with etched or stained concrete floors is that they give the space a very unique appeal. No two acid-etched stained floors are alike. The acid-based stained is designed to react with cement as it penetrates the surface and transforms the look of your outdoor concrete floors. You can have the etched concrete stain look like natural marbled stone. These marbled effects are common on concrete patios and driveways.


There are so many different options when it comes to driveway rock. The white pieces of large marbles can give the driveway a very nice look. You can have the rocks stained to blend with the rest of the outdoor space. Marble rocks don’t have to look uniform. Their distinct appearance adds a timeless appeal to the driveway.


Interlocking floor tiles are commonly used in indoor spaces but you can also add them in a patio or deck. The tiles are usually designed to hold over heavy roll over weight. You can have the tiles custom made to suit a unique design that you want for your space. You can even have the interlocking tiles display an artwork or feature that you like.


Hardwood flooring is a common option because of its resilience and attractive look. But consider having wood slice floors on your patio as shown above. The floor is made with end grain so as to maintain the unique grain patterns. You can even install your own cordwood flooring if you are good at DIY projects. Just make sure you cut the pieces of wood into manageable sizes. Cuts of 1” wooden discs are easy to work with but make sure you apply a light coat of polyurethane to the surface of the disks and install them as close as possible to each other.


Painted faux stone doesn’t look good on walls onl; it can also be used to transform the look of your floor. This flooring material is easy to install and maintain. You just need to make sure it is properly done. The rustic and classy look of painted faux stone floors gives any given room a unique appeal.


Wood tiles can also be a suitable flooring material for a deck or patio. The thing with this flooring option is that it needs to be properly stained and maintained. Make sure the decking tiles are designed to resist moisture by occasional staining and treating. You can opt for different kinds of stains in order to give the floor a classic appeal. Composite deck tiles are a cost effective solution if you’re renovating your floor on a tight budget.