Fitting Flooring for Commercial Use

Unlike domestic floor renovations, commercial flooring renovations or even the initial set up require factoring in a number of things. Firstly, is the high amount of traffic that is also highly dependent on the location of the floor. Secondly, is the cost factor since the scale is much larger than home renovations and lastly is the look and image of the company. This last factor is also determined by the kind of commercial entity as schools, hotels and warehouses all have different needs and expectations. However, the good thing is that commercial flooring can accommodate different kinds of materials so a mix is always possible to satisfy all the above considerations. What cannot be denied however is the need for durability, versatility and the aesthetic value of whichever floor type is chosen.

Here are four types of materials which make the best commercial flooring:


Hardwood is a classic commercial flooring choice because of its benefits. It is durable and hard enough to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic. It also comes with comfort allowing for natural walking with no fatigue throughout the day. On top of these, hardwood offers great aesthetic value and thanks to modern technology, you have a variety of colours and finishes which easily blend with your corporate theme. It is also a cost effective option and can also be used just about everywhere in the building thanks to its elegance.


This is easily the most used flooring surface in commercial areas and with good reason. It offers unmatched durability and can withstand any kind of abuse and abrasion. It is favoured also because of the easy way you can decorate it. This can be done through staining, finishing or working art through it. When polished it adds to the room’s illumination and can also be used to enhance the atmosphere; it can act as a black canvas for everything else. It is common in restaurants, salons and hallways of commercial places. It is easy to maintain and clean.


Vinyl is a durable and cost effective option for use in commercial flooring. It can withstand heavy traffic but still has the looks that allow it to be used in the VIP areas and as a decorative piece. It is diverse in the kinds of texture, colour and look it can give. You can get vinyl that looks like hardwood, stone or ceramic tiles among others. It is also waterproof and stain resistant.


Many commercial places dislike the use of carpets fearing the cleaning requirements. However, carpets are quite durable and offer qualities other flooring options cannot offer. For example in boardrooms where silence is required as well as in hotel lobbies, carpets serve as the ideal flooring material. There are available in different designs and materials and aside from their sound proofing, they are also aesthetically pleasing- you will always find one meeting your needs.