Eye-Catching Flooring Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

Flooring Ideas

Looking for ways to revamp your spaces? Here are a couple of flooring ideas that are bound to recreate your living spaces in subtle but magical ways.


You can create this parquet floor using alternating strips of maple and walnut for this tile like appearance. The ‘tiles’ are made of four strips of wood side by side and installed using the traditional parquet method. The long painstaking process resulted in this high end, elegant and breathtaking finish.


Who said murals are for walls only? You can transfer your creativity to the floor if you are good with a paintbrush. Painted floors make for great one of a kind masterpieces that are the perfect reflection of personality and taste. Accomplishing this type of painted floor design requires proper preparation by removing all the polyurethane sealant or vanish that is protecting the wood surface. After sanding, smoothing and priming the floor surface you can go in with your floor paints to create the pattern of your choice.


Stained concrete is an affordable way to achieve exotic wenge or ipe wood floor finishes. Concrete is cheap, low maintenance and modern style. Concrete is also versatile with variety of staining and finishing techniques to imitate almost any floor type you can think of. Just for $500 you can get this refinished look for your home.


This new bathroom has a timeless and elegant look from the Carrara marble and granite floor materials. Laid in classic basket weave pattern, the finished product is an elegant and attractive finish that flawlessly complements the rest of the décor.


You do not need to spend a fortune on hardwood when you can get the same hardwood finished look and elegance from pine subfloor. This cost saving hardwood finish look was achieved by pulling up vinyl tiles leaving the pine subfloor exposed. The pine subfloor was sanded and stained using alternating wood tones to achieve this finish.


Honeycomb ceramic tiles in this vintage home look like nothing old. The honeycomb tiles are spiced up using custom floral patterns on select tiles using epoxy paints. The floor choice blends well with the rest of the fixtures in this Victorian style WC that is newly renovated. The perfect balance of old and new to blend with the rest of the house, which is about a 100 years old.


Mosaic patterns add creativity and personality to any flooring finish. This whimsical mosaic was created using cut up ceramic tiles of different colors and arranged with this combination of geometric and abstract patterns.


If you want to bring up some color into your vinyl floors, you can cheer things up by painting it with bright colored paints specially made for vinyl. The paints come with manufacturer instructions on preparation and application to give this fun colored finish for renovated kitchens and bathrooms.