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Electric Snow Melting Systems For Your Driveway & Sidewalk

Snow Melting System - Stairway ApplicationSnow Melting System Toronto

Heavenly Heat is pleased to provide the best snow melting system in Toronto for our customers. Through listening to the wishes of our clients, we have developed a system that fulfills their various needs, as well as specifically catering to the demands of the harsh Canadian winter. We truly believe that our system of snow removal and buildup prevention is the best method of reducing eliminating snow on your property, and the most cost effective option anywhere on the market.

As a Canadian company, we know first hand exactly how unpredictable and overwhelming the winter season can be. We know how taxing and time consuming it can be to clear your property of constant snow build up, day after day in the long winter months. Snow, slush and ice buildup on outdoor spaces — from driveways and stairs for residential homes to parking lots and walkways for commercial properties — can causes numerous potential problems for users and owners of these outdoor spaces. The effects of winter can cause minor delays such as getting your car stuck in the driveway due to a heavy overnight snowstorm, to more serious consequences such as slipping on ice. These effects of snow buildup are harmful, time–consuming, as well as costly and energy draining, making it crucial that high traffic, frequently traveled areas are free of snow and other types of obstructions.

Driveway Application - Snow Melting SystemHeavenly Heat is delighted to provide a solution to this problem — one that will eliminate this process altogether. Our unique electric snow melting system will immediately and drastically reduce the amount of snow that resides on your property, making constant shoveling and salting a thing of the past. The system is activated through a detection of a precipitation and freezing temperatures, making it an energy efficient solution that is only utilized when it is needed. Through sufficiently heating the surface and thus preventing any snow from accumulating in the treated area, the snow melting system will reduce your workload, save time, increase the overall safety of your property. The installation of a snow melting system will also extend the life of your property’s outdoor surfaces by reducing ice and frost damage, making it a valuable and cost effective system that will create substantial savings for your household.

Over the last decade, Heavenly Heat has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of our clients through providing various solutions to everyday problems. We are confident that through our snow melting system, Toronto customers will again be delighted with the benefits that we are able to provide. Contact Heavenly Heat today about our snow melting system and get rid of snow buildup on your property for good.

Snow Melting System Benefits

Installing a Snow Melting System provides a permanent solution to the problems caused by cold weather. Improve safety by providing instantaneous relief from snow and ice and increase your bottom line by reducing the cost associated with applying chemicals, owning snow clearing machinery or hiring outside services.

How Does Snow Melting System Work?

Snow-covered driveways are treacherous and clearing them off snow is an arduous task even for the physically fit individuals. This is the reason snow-melting systems are becoming increasingly popular in today’s businesses and homes as a convenient and cost-effective way of eliminating snow or ice from parking areas, driveways, sidewalks, and emergency areas. These systems eliminate the need for snow removal labor and salting. They also reduce the risk of liability associated with personal injuries.

Note that all snow melting systems are electronically operated. When blowing or falling snow and freezing rain starts, the snow-ice detector automatically turns on the system. The system must have a programmable thermostat. This component senses the surface temperature and turns the heating system on and off to only offer enough heat to melt away snow or ice in the driveway or other surfaces.

  • Ideal for driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, ramps, bridges and many other applications

  • For use in concrete, asphalt, paver or stone

With a functional thermostat, the snow melting system stays on while monitoring the storm and turns off when the storm stops. When the next period of precipitation starts, the system automatically switches on. Note that the system’s temperature sensor in the controller allows the system to run only when weather conditions are suitable for melting. That means the system saves energy as it doesn’t operate unnecessarily.

Snow melting systems must be installed by a licensed electrician as they must tap into your panel box. Depending on the nature of the system you install, the power system coming into your house might require an upgrade. Thus, the entire installation process requires specialized expertise to identify and address all issues that may crop up due to the increased power usage within your home.