Driveway Heating: Should I Choose Coils Or Cables?

Driveway Heating

If you are trying to decide on a driveway heating system, you will have the option to choose between heating coils or cables. This can be a difficult choice and you will find that there is a difference between both. The one you choose should meet your needs and if you are unsure if it does, our team at Heavenly Heat Inc. can help you.

What Are Heating Coils?

A heating coil is similar to the idea behind the coils on your stove. In fact, these coils are made from nichrome and they are designed to transfer heat. The heating coil is heated up when electricity flows through it.

Depending on the size of the coil, different amounts of heat will be output from it. When these heat coils do heat up, you may notice that they change color and this indicates that electricity is flowing through the coils and it will be hot to the touch.

The shape and size of the coil itself will impact the heat that is dispersed through the coil. You will often find heating coils in your hair dryer, stove, oven, toaster, and more.

Heating coils are not used to heat your driveway, but similar technology is used to heat your driveway and melt the snow on it.

What Are Heating Cables?

Heating cables are used for driveway heating and will be installed on your property underneath your driveway. These cables are considered durable and will hold up for many years to come.

You will find that driveway heating cables come in a variety of different types and from different brand manufacturers.

The cables placed under your driveway will conduct a low amount of voltage to help the cables generate the heat needed. Once the heat is generated, it is evenly dispersed across your driveway.

Other Options Available

You do have some additional options available for your driveway. For example, a hydronic driveway heating system works similar to the above methods, but instead of cables, tubes will be placed underneath your driveway.

Water is then heated up to anywhere between 140 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit and distributed amongst the tubes. The hot water then works to melt the ice and snow from your driveway.

Hydronic systems are common along with heating cables and each one offers the same end result. While a driveway heating system may not be inexpensive to install, it will pay for itself 10 times over and you will be glad that you chose one for your home.

Stop The Shoveling

With a driveway heating system from Heavenly Heat Inc., you will never have to worry about ice and snow ruling your driveway. You will be able to melt it with a flick of the wrist and nothing else.

As you think about the type of system you want, consider whether or not you want an automatic or manual system installed. Driveway heating can improve the way you live in the winter, so call Heavenly Heat Inc. today to discuss.