Cost and Operation FAQ: Radiant Heating Systems

Cost and Operation

For a new technology and form of heating, it is expected that there will be concerns over the cost. This is both the initial costs and the operational costs. Radiant floor heating systems have become popular because of their costs saving in the long run and the efficiency they deliver. The upfront cost could be high for you but you can always mount the system in stages. You can also target specific rooms for use of the heating system. Here is a guide on some of the most important factors about the costs incurred when setting up such an under floor heating system.


There are a number of factors that determine the overall cost of purchasing and installing a radiant heating system. These include the home size, the amount of heat lost, the features and customization done to suit your building. In comparison to the traditional standard builders HVAC systems, a radiant heating system costs more in upfront costs. However, this is easily made up for in the overall result of efficiency and comfortable house heating, lesser operational costs and little maintenance needed. The energy savings you make both in running the system and getting your home warmed more than make up for the upfront costs. What’s more the lifetime of this new form of house heating is way longer than the traditional HVAC options. You will not be faced with the need to make changes or replacements after a short time which could have driven up your costs further.

There are also several ways you can significantly reduce the upfront costs. Firstly, get to deal with the manufacturers or if you are working with commercial residential properties work with contractors who buy directly from the manufacturers. This ensures you do not have to factor in the distributors costs and extra charges. You also get bigger discounts and free expert advice and support.

You can also save a lot of installation costs by doing the installations yourself or working with a friend with such experience. This should not be a problem because quality manufactures provide a design plan and all the needed components to set up the heating system on your own. The directions are there and there are no special tools used aside from the provided materials. This way you save money from paying for installation services. Even in cases where you need customizing and help the process is fast and straightforward you still pay up much less.


Working with the right radiant heating company will require you getting an estimate cost first. To get this you will need to provide a blueprint of the building and other required details. The company is then able to calculate heat loss, number of zones and manifold locations. The company then determines the components needed in your case based on these factors and type of fuel as well as your budget. The package is priced depending on the cost of the components as well as the freight costs and this provides the estimated cost.