Common Problems That Affect Hydronic And Electric In-Floor Heating Systems

Radiant Floor Heating

In floor electric heating has become so popular in homes for very obvious reasons. To start with, the system not only gives gentle heat but it doesn’t rely on air currents to warm a home. It is perfect for persons who suffer from allergies. In spite of all the benefits that this system offers, there are several concerns that people have more so when it comes to floor heating repairs.

The repairs involve working with electric cables or the matting beneath the floors or even PEX tubing for the hydronic systems. Although most systems are straightforward to repair, some aren’t.

Common Repairs On Electric Radiant Heating Floors

When it comes to the radiant heating repairs, you will have to consider if you are using electric or hydronic. The hydronic option relies on steam or water to heat a room. The repair of the electric is different from that of hydronic. You ought to find a technician that has experience in working on your type of heating system. Here are the main problems found in the electric radiant units.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Although the electric floor heating system does not require a lot of electricity, you will still need sufficient power from the electrical box to support this system. Most homes have an average amperage of 200 amps from the electrical panels. If the electrical box in your home does not have this amount, you will need to upgrade it else you will keep dealing with the issue of tripping the circuit breaker.

Damage To The Electric Mat Or Cable

The electrical cables and the conductive mates located beneath the floors can also get damaged. Even though these materials are quite durable, they are not indestructible. They can be damaged by a number of things including heavy objects on the floors or cracked tiles.

Common Repairs On Hydronic Radiant Heating

The issues that a hydronic radiant heating system suffers from are different from those of an electric system. To start with, the system relies on a boiler for it to work. Some of the main problems you might notice with this unit include the following:

Issues With Circulator Pumps Or The Zone Valves

With the hydronic heating system, you will need to have circulator pumps or zone valves. These are required to push hot water from your boiler to the piping. These pumps are prone to breaking. When they are damaged, they will affect the efficacy of your in floor heating system.

Air Lock Issue

This is the second most common problem you will get to deal with. The boiler system is normally pressurized. Air bubbles can easily develop in the pipes impeding the flow of steam. When the bubbles block the flow of steam, this is known as air lock. This issue has to be fixed for the unit to work efficiently.

Whether you are using the hydronic or the electric in floor heating system, finding the best professional to help with the repairs is the most important thing you can do. You also need to make sure that the repairs are done on time. The longer you wait to fix the problems the more issues you will have to deal with in the future.