Choosing The Right Heating System For Your Home

In most homes, space heating is the most significant component of home energy use. The heating system used in your home has a significant impact on the overall energy expenses and your comfort. If your heating systems have been in use over the last two decades, the chances are that you spend much money to keep it running. If you intend to purchase a new home, choosing an efficient, well-designed heating system can offer you great dividends in terms of comfort and operating costs.

Whether you’re looking for the best electric floor heating system or any other heating system, here are some of the popular home heating options and how you can pick the right one for your house.

Radiant Floor Heating

A radiant heating system controls the home temperature by pumping heated water through pipes installed under the floor. The system is more efficient than most heating options and can be controlled easily. However, radiant heating is costly. It also requires professional installation and cannot be used on some floor types.


Many homeowners prefer a central furnace for indoor heating. Furnaces are powered by electricity, natural gas or fuel oil. They heat up the air and then push it through ducts that distribute the heated air throughout your home.

Use a thermostat to control when the equipment turns on and keeps the home at the desired temperature level. Note that furnaces are rated in terms of an annual fuel utilization efficiency number. Choose one with the highest AFUE number for operational efficiency.


Unlike furnaces which use fuel to heat the air around your home, boilers use water to generate the required heat. The system pumps water through pipes that are heated by radiators or any other device. You can find a variety of water-based heating systems in the market. These systems include electric boilers, gas-fired boilers, and oil condensing boilers.

Heat Pumps

These use the same technology as most air conditioning systems but in a reverse way. A heat pump takes in cold air, extracts the warm air, and then pumps it throughout your home. The system is normally forced-air.
Heat pumps are of two types: ground heat pumps and air heat pumps. The ground heat pump takes in cold air from the ground rather than from the air. Note that heat pumps are more efficient than boilers and furnaces but more expensive than other eating options.

Space Heaters

Floor furnaces, electric space heaters, and other forms of direct heating are perfect for warming specified spaces. Space heaters are ideal for heating a single room because pushing the warm air to the next room is difficult. Besides, the system uses a lot of energy and is associated with high energy bills.


Pellet stoves and wood burners are a good heating alternative for people living in rural areas. Pellets and wood are cheaper than gas or electricity and that makes this heating system affordable for homeowners intending to warm their homes on a budget.


Fireplaces add lots of charm to your living room but aren’t good at heating the entire house. According to indoor heating experts, a fireplace loses more heat than it can offer. However, you can increase its efficiency by equipping it with a glass door, an efficient damper, and a constant outside air source.