Choosing Kitchen Floors: Dark vs Light

Choosing the color of your kitchen floor is an important part in setting the tone, theme and feel of your kitchen. The color of your kitchen floor is important both from a functional viewpoint as well as from the aesthetic viewpoint. There are two extremes to choose from with a range of middle ground for those who want the best of both worlds; dark colored floors and light colored floors. In the end there is no clear better color of the floor. It all gets down to preferences and the suitability in your occasion.

Dark and white colors each have unique advantages and contributions to the outlook of your kitchen. For instance, dark colors give you elegance and a bold look. They have an earthy feel about them while also having the classic look. You also get to add to the room’s warmth when using dark colors. The usual challenge with dark colors is cleaning since they tend to show up light dust a lot. They also pose a challenge when it comes to scratching since they show up scratches more because of the color contrast. You also have a challenge in that without careful planning the dark colored floor could easily end up making your room feel and look smaller as well as gloomy. However, they are also good at hiding stains. They can also hide other floor imperfections like gaps better and are mostly easy to clean requiring mopping much lesser than their white counterparts.

White flooring on the other hand offers a crispy clean feel. It lightens up your kitchen and makes a room look larger as well as airy. They enhance the light effects thanks to their better reflection of light. They do not pose a big problem in cleanliness as far as showing up dust goes. They can also hide up scratches before you repair them. The big challenge is where stains are concerned as well as having them in a kitchen with lots of traffic brings up cleaning challenges.

You can solve the cleaning issues by picking surfaces that allow for easy, fast cleaning and use stain finishes to prevent scratches. You will hardly have a problem matching either floor with your furniture since most tones work well with a number of furniture themes. However, it is preferable getting lighter furniture and wall for darker floors. Even in the case of light floor, you can chip in darker shades for a stable, classy and warm look. Contact Heavenly Heating today to see how our floor heating solutions can help you!

Here are ten samples of various types of floor colors you can experiment with.

Black shiny floor with white hardware and walls

Dark brown floor and all white furniture and walls

Black floor, white furniture with a dash of yellow

Brown, grey elements and white

Crispy white floor

Stained white floor

White floor and walls with dark brown cabinetry

White as a background for all other colors

White floor and walls, brown cabinetry and black frames